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Tourism and Hospitality

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Tourism And Hospitality Assignment Help In UK


Get Tourism and Hospitality Assignment Help in UK

Tourism and Hospitality both has now become an important field of study in management. Bother the field focuses on the pleasure treatment and offering well to the customers. Tourism and hospitality is concerned with operation of hotels, food, campgrounds and transportations. It is concerned with the excellence of the industry leading to the economy of country. It provides knowledge about how one should manage the professional personality while providing the services of hospitality and tourism. Tourism is concerned with the travelling either for an individual’s pleasure or for some business trip. Tourism deals with the pleasurable touring of people. It is about attracting the people, guiding them about the spots, entertaining and making their trip both enjoyable and memorable because the professional has to work from both sides i.e. to manage one’s own or company’s respect and profile and to manage the respect and priority of the customer. Tourism is about switching the personality for the traveler’s or customer’s entertainment for instance one would have to tell the whole story behind the historical building and the same time need to manage the humor and sense. On the other hand, hospitality works on the same principles but it is about pleasing the guest with goodwill starting from the reception to the entertainment and managing the strangers or visitors. It is about taking care of the customer with humanity.

The professionals of hospitality and tourism should have the knowledge of type, rating and the brand of hotels where travelers can accommodate themselves, knowledge of different cultures and kind of people is must because customer’s comfort is of prime concern in the services of both hospitality and management. Role of a professional belong from hospitality and tourism not only reflect company’s standards but also reflect a country’s standard and excellence. The field thus become little complex than the other fields and managements.


Travelling to some relative’s house has always been a part of entertainment from earlier times. People used to visited their relative and explore the nearby places. That was the part of local and domestic travelling which has now changed to international. Thus, based on people’s need and entertainment, tourism is also of two types: domestic and international. During early times, wealthy people used to travel to other place seeing the monuments, art and paintings, learn new languages or even for pursuing higher studies and seeking information about different people and attitude, culture, religion etc. And the Kings use to maintain their Kingdom while protecting roads for travelers. It was about before middle age period but after middle age, lower class people also started following the trend of travelling. They started travelling for visiting monuments and maintaining their health and seeing the places what comes in between areas. Seeing the love of people for travelling, there started emerging writers (after 10th century) who wrote travelling books and guide and traveling literature further became an interesting field for the travelers and the writers. By the 18th century, United Kingdom promoted leisure time to increase industrial population. The industrial revolution took place and demanded for the machinery and tools which were needed to import from other countries, further leading to the economy increase of the country.Seeing the increase in the activities of travelling, Cox &Kings was the official travel company that was formed in 1758. By then people started exploring seas and oceans and ships came into use for the work of import and export which further attracted people to enjoy the travelling via road and water bodies. Now modern day’s tourism includes winter tourism, mass tourism and niche tourism.

Hospitality is a part of pleasing relatives. Just like people used to please their relatives like offering food, providing them with good shelter and maintaining their safety – this concept further get shifted to official hotels. Talking globally, each culture has its own concept of following hospitality. For instance, India and Nepal follow the principle of AtithiDevoBhava i.e. guest is considered to be god and his priorities comes first, Judaism praises hospitality to strangers and guests, Christianity welcomes the strangers and visitors and follow bible for praising and welcoming the guest while the Celtic societies welcome guests and praise the concept of hospitality based on the protection and safety of the guest. To them the protection from harm for the guests is their prime concern. The same is in UK, where hospitality services come with some laws that protect the customers. For instance, within the hospitality businesses in UK, alcohol plays an important role, not only as a part of culture but for the importance of law. However, in some countries of UK sale of alcohol is restricted for the people below 21 while in some other countries, it may be unregulated.

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