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Nursing Assignment Help



Nursing is a profession that has its roots in the health care sector that involves providing health care services including promotion, protection, and enhancement of health abilities, to individuals, a group of people or a community so that they could attain and maintain their health and quality of life.
It is also a phenomenon or a process that is in actuality an integration of various actions of assessing, diagnosing and finally providing the best possible treatment to evaluate the feedback from the patient and can implement it afterward to procure better human responses. The bi-directional feedbacks that are received for each component are the basis of nursing.
The aim of the professionals in the field of nursing is to provide quality care to all the humans in a particular code of conduct that make it a uniform function at each level. The professionals do not differentiate the individuals by cultural backgrounds or ages. They treat them in a similar manner as do they treat anyone else.
Nursing also helps to meet the needs of each that includes physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, social, and spiritual needs. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that nursing is a process that is an integration of physical and social sciences and nursing theory.
The professionals in Nursing have been categorized in three fields:
  • Acute care nursing: The patients that are suffering from acute problems are treated by acute care nursing professional who works in hospitals as a part of their duties and incorporate their efforts to help them in a better manner.
  • Oncology Nursing: Oncology nursing is a process that involves treatment of severe diseases. Within the oncology field are several areas in which nurses can specialize, such as chemotherapy, breast oncology, radiation, and more.  Advanced oncology nurses have a minimum of a master’s degree. 
  • Psychiatric Nursing: In this, a nurse provides care to patients who are going through mental disorders, medical issues or hospital substance abuse problems. They assess each and every issue properly creates a plan for their treatment and works for managing their health
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