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Chemistry Assignment Help



When a new substance is formed with the combination of two or more substance, it is to be said that a chemical change has occurred. The substances that were used to form a new substance are known as reactants and the new formed substance is called as product of reaction. A chemical reaction is a symbolic representation where the reactants are placed on the left side and the product is on the right side. A sample equation is 2H2 + O2 → 2H2O where + denotes “Reacts with” and the arrow denotes “produces”. However the coefficients must satisfy the Dalton’s requirements that none of the atoms can be produced or destroyed.

Nuclear Chemistry Assignment Help

The radioactivity came into existence in 1896 when Wilhelm Rontgen announced that he had discovered X-rays. A number of phosphorescent substances were tested accordingly by Becquerel to see if they emit X-rays while phosphorescing. But he wasn’t successful in this process. However the use of a compound of uranium proved that it does not matter is the compound was allowed to phosphoresce by exposure to light; it continuously emits something that has the power to penetrate lightproof paper and even thicker materials. Moreover the emission in Uranium was permanent and does not require any form of external energy.

Organic Chemistry Assignment

The study of the compounds of the carbon is known as Organic chemistry. Several reasons are there that makes it a particular category. Firstly the number of compounds containing carbon is very large. The association of Hydrogen and Oxygen with carbon in organic compounds is also very common. The most elements of organic compounds are insoluble in water and are usually soluble in ether, chloroform, alcohol, carbondisulphide, and benzene. A complete discussion of various compounds of carbon is included in organic compounds. Starch, cellulose, sugars, acids or salts of acids, such as oxalic, citric, tartaric acids, the alkaloids are certain compounds that are already formed organic compounds in plants.

Inorganic Chemistry Assignment Help

The study of the chemistry of hydrocarbon compounds and their derivatives is known as Organic Chemistry. On the other hand inorganic substances are concerned with all other elements or “Everything Else”. Some comparisons between inorganic and organic compounds can be highlighted in order. Both the areas are composed with single, double and triple covalent bonds are found. Direct metal-metal bonds and metal-carbon bonds are included in inorganic compounds. Though the maximum bonds among the carbon atoms is three but still it contains quadruple bonds with many compounds between metal atoms. Sigma and pi bonds are also common in inorganic chemistry.

Chemistry Periodic Table Assignment Help 

Mendeleev produced Periodic table in 1869 that includes 69 elements at that time. He left some empty spaces for elements that were undiscovered not discovered till then. The table helps a user to determine the characteristics and some specific information regarding various elements. Each row in the periodic table known as “Period” may contain 2 to 32 elements. Period with 32 elements are written with 14 of the elements that are placed under the main table. Each box in the table represents the atomic symbol with the atomic number written above the symbol and atomic mass below the symbol.

Nuclear Atom Assignment Help 

Radium was a radioactive element that emits radioactive gamma radiation which was discovered Madame Curie. It loses alpha particles (positively charged) and beta particles (negatively charged) and was used by chemists during that time to conduct various elements. An experiment name “Particle Gun” was conducted by Rutherford with the use of thin gold foil and which was bombarded with alpha particles where some of them were deflected and rest passed through the foil. He proved that atoms were mostly hollow and nucleus in the atom contained protons and electrons and a planetary model of atom was created by Ruthreford.
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