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Advertising and Sales Promotion

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Advertising and sales promotion, are considered to be the two most important aspects in the area of marketing.  If an enterprise or an organization fails to advertise or promote their products in the right manner, then it would not be possible for that particular product to come in the limelight. Along with that, the product would not be known to the target consumers, and there would be a very bleak chance of the product of becoming successful and popular. If we look at it, the two concepts advertising and sales promotion are two very different concepts. The first concept that is advertising is concerned with establishing an emotional relationship with the consumers by making them aware about the different products and services. On the other hand, the concept of sales promotion is quite different and is concerned with developing new offers and strategies for improving the sales of a particular business or enterprise.
Advertising in a broader sense refers to positioning a particular product against the product of the competitors so that a brand message can be conveyed to the consumers and the product’s value can be enhanced in the eyes of the users. On the other hand, sales promotion in a broader sense refers to some strategies which are designed to offer the consumers with an extra reason or incentive to buy the product. The sales promotion method is usually used in the short term.
The different ways in which product can be advertised are through the print media which includes ads in newspapers, flyers and through electronic media which includes ads in social media sites and on televisions and through different blogs. The sales of an enterprise can be improved and increased by using some different offers and coupons and all those methods which would eventually attract some consumers.
When students opt for marketing as a subject, they are not aware of what they have to do on the subject.  In the particular area of advertising and sales promotion, the students are required to create their advertisements by using their creativity and also they are required to create flyers and promotional plans which will be used in their process of advertising the products. Their projects would also include the creation of budgets for their proposed advertisements. Our tutors at Make My Assignments help the students in completing the activities and assignments that are related to advertisement and sales promotion.

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