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Leadership Assignment Help In UK


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When we appoint a leader, we generally look for the special qualities of that person and the very first quality comes out be “to lead”. We think whether the person would be able to lead the whole team or not; not just in practical sense but also in emotional way i.e. a person who can praise team members qualities while keeping own quality, talent and ego behind is considered to be an actual leader. Technically, leadership is a part of both research area and practical skills. The term has it’s meaning as to guide, to lead, and to be with everyone while leading the team or organization. US academic environments define leadership as a process in which a person gets support for completing the common tasks as a they have defined it in the context of social influence. While from European point of view, leadership is that process in which a leader can lead not only through verbal communication skills but also by personal power. ‘Leadership and defining leadership’ is still a part of many debates.



The major factor that comes forward while leading is the sex i.e. the leader is male or female. Even today, some companies prefer this criterion for appointing a ‘manager as a leader’. It has been seen men generally remain active towards their task. They work independently and focus more on decisions. They just focus on the task and its completion. On the other hand, females attempt to create a positive attitude in the whole environment. They create eye contacts and are more tactful persons than men.They offer help, advice, manage conflicts and the obstacles that come in between the work while men generally follow agentic style of leadership. It is not about men or women; it is about what an organization prefers more and what suits them best as per the environment of the work and the behavior of the working force.

Leadership comes with variety of variations. It is about what a person follows to influence or to lead. Some of the forms of leadership are:

  1. Democratic leadership – leaders tend to follow social equality while making decisions.
  2. Free-rein leadership–consists of appointing decision-making authority to subordinates.
  3. Authoritarian –leaders possess the capability of solving issues and become a central figure for each decision-making process.
  4. Tasks oriented –consists of leaders who tend to focus on the task being performed rather than creating relations with the team.

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