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5Cs Of Marketing

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5Cs Of Marketing Assignment Help In UK


Get 5Cs Of Marketing Assignment Help in UK

Situation Analysis is often referred as 3C analysis which further includes customer, competitor and corporation; a business model helps to overcome the hindrances and reach up to the level of customer’s demand and needs. This 3C analysis further extended to 5C analysis by looking at the importance features. 5C analysis segments into Company, Competitors, Customers, Collaborators and Climate.


Situation Analysis is a collection of methods that are generally used by manager of a company which further makes a manager to analyze the internal and external environment of the company. This collection of methods creates an opportunity to judge the capabilities, customer’s need and the business environment so that appropriate measure can be taken for the organization. Situation Analysis is a bunch of several methods to analyze the situations of business organization and 5C analysis is one of its various methods. 5C analysis helps to understand the internal, micro and macro environment of business organization. This analysis has a capacity to provide information on wide basis. Due to the extensive information that it provides, it helps to disintegrate the market place or the market environment.

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