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Consumer Behaviour

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Consumer Behaviour Assignment Help in UK


Get Consumer Behaviour Assignment Help in UK

Consumer behaviour – the term is as simple as its name. It was first introduced in 1940’s and 50’s when the marketing agendas began to shift from economics towards the behaviour including behavioural science, Psychology, clinical psychology, Sociology etc. The subject of consumer behaviour was introduced as a sub-disciplinary subject in marketing. The purpose was to do marketing by the consumer behaviour prospect. And as a result customers or consumers became a unit or field of analysis for fulfilling the purpose of marketing. By then new ideas and opinions were added to the marketing discipline that could lead to brand loyalty. Market Segmentation was introduced including the demographic Segmentation which could help a group of people to vote for a particular brand when questioned about trustworthy and loyalty.  In its earlier years, consumer behaviour was among the priorities of marketers to understand the need and wants of customers. And by 1950 people began some technical methods or approaches to understand Consumer’s behaviour for instance depth interviews about any particular brand and some other techniques were followed like projective techniques, thematic apperception tests and a range of qualitative and quantitative research methods. And today the topic of consumer behaviour has become an important one in the field of marketing and has been attached as a part of study in all undergraduate marketing programs.

Consumer behaviour is actually the study of consumer like how they feel with the particular brand, what they feel like while having the use ofthat product and what they demand further with that product and etc. This is the study of individuals and groups of people who are linked via purchase and use of particular good and services. This field studies Consumer’s emotions, Psychology and behavioural responses especially that associated with particular brand. For instance, there are variety of brands of hair oil but it is up to consumer that how they feel about the hair oil product like some hair oil feel lighter on head, some feel sticky and some just give extra sweat appearances. That’s why this field is associated with consumer’s psychology because it will further create an opportunity for the company to work on it and enhance the demand of the product.

It is the study of investigating the influence of product on family, sports group, or any person attached with that product or can be society in general. It includes all the aspects starting from purchasing activities, pre-purchasing and post-purchasing experiences, use and disposal related activities or experiences. It further concerns with the people involved in the process related with the activities of purchasing and consuming the product, brand-influencers, etc. and persons who may be directly or indirectly linked with the process.In actual and also as a fact developed from various researches, it has been shown that consumer’s behaviour is difficult to predict, even the experts cannot predict the consumer’s behaviour and psychology accurately. However some other methods like ethnography and consumer neuroscience have been introduced that have made it little easy to understand the decision-making of consumers.

As mentioned above, consumer behaviour is concerned with the following activities:

Purchase activity is about how consumer feel about acquiring the product and its related goods and services, what actually made the consumer to purchase the product or the activities related with purchasing decision such as information search, their experiences or feel about the product, payment methods etc. This will ultimately help the company to enhance or work on the marketing strategies so that consumer’s purchasing experiences can be made good from all aspects.

It answers the question like when the problem related with consumption occurred, when the consumption started, what was the affect of consumption, who made the consumption and where the consumption was made possible or it can be anything that answers when, where, who and how questions related with usage experiences.

It concerns the activities related with the disposing of the product after use or the dispose of packaging. For instance, it is generally marked on the plastic bottles that crush after use and then dispose because plastic is not meant for further use. Sometimes people without having the knowledge of disposing-off the product after use, they just flush it or throw it along with the other garbage which might not be suitable for that particular packaging.Reselling activities like second hand markets and related activities are also included under this concept.

Sometimes consumers are influenced by their society they live in, beliefs, cultures and even other’s opinion that make them to purchase a product or create a trustworthy affection towards that product & services – this is what dealt under consumer behaviour.

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