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Commercial Law Assignment Help In UK


Get Commercial Law Assignment Help in UK

Commercial Law is that body of law which is concerned with the business and commercial transactions. Commercial is a term related with the selling and buying of anything on large scale which can be operated within the country or on international basis. On the other hand, business law consists of lot of laws which further come into force at different steps. For instance, employment law: the law which protects the rights of employees, consumer protection law: the law which governs and protects consumer’s right, intellectual law and many more that are in need of creating or recreating a business. Commercial law is thus considered as a branch of civil law which further handles private and public laws.Private Law governs the laws that are enforced with a contract or with tort. It is regulated between the individuals or two different parties on private basis. One can say that private Law handles private cases including breach of contract and cheating someone by not fulfilling the promises as written in legal contract, or any kind of tort or crime that comes under tort law. Thus private laws help the individuals or sufferers to get the compensation of the harm or damage. And public law is that law which handles cases between the individuals and the government. Public law further consists of administration law, criminal law, constitutional law or that is related with the dealing of relationship between the society and the government.

Commercial law is a branch of law which consists of wide range of laws which is concerned with the operations of businesses and government related issues. There are commercial lawyers who give advice to business organizations or companies and government on business related issues.It is therefore, sometimes called as business law. There are number of branches that come into work under commercial law and these are:

  1. Patent
  2. Trademark
  3. Copyright

Labor law, family law, litigation etc. are some other branches which are regulated on the basis of private or public laws and these all further forms a part of commercial law. It is dependent on the knowledge and efforts of an individual that how he or she uses such laws and how and what they can get with the help of such laws in case of some serious damages.

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