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Law and justice hold the supreme importance in any society because whatever the level of economic development if there is no justice, fairness and rule of law, there will be dissatisfaction, oppression and anarchy. The branch of law assignment help which deals with the legal proceedings of the company is known as company law, i.e., Incorporation of the company and filing the documents with the registrar of the company like memorandum and article of association.
It affects many people and things, including business firms and consumers. A law that pertains specifically to business such as contract law needs to have a complete study about the company’s policies and terms and conditions. It is also known as mercantile law that define the rules related to business industry and professions. It includes the law applicable to ordinary transactions of merchants, bankers and traders and denotes that branch of law that relates to the right of property and the relations of the person who is engaged in commerce. In the modern age, business law is not only confined to the business community, but also relates to every member of the society.
It is incorporated in a number of acts that follow the English business law with some reservations and modifications. The government lays down the rules and regulations to run a business activity smoothly. it includes contract act, sale of goods act, partnership act, and companies act, negotiable instruments act, banking companies act, insurance companies act, carriers and carriage of goods act, commercial securities act, patents and copyright act, insolvency act and arbitration act. Sen and Mitra have said that the part of the law that regulates the transactions of the mercantile community is called commercial or mercantile law.
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Criminal law assignment help

Under the criminal law assignment help service we are able to cover almost all the company case studies that may fall under the criminal law. The Criminal law deals with the behavior that may be considered as harmful in any society. Thus, keeping it in mind, we can simplify that several cases are there in relation to the criminal law.
Our qualified tutors are well experienced and they can cover almost all types of jurisdictional structures across the states in the United States of America, Australia and the United Kingdom. If you are having any types of difficulties in solving any types of cases that fall under the criminal law, you can seek help from us. We can provide you all types of law assignment help and you can contact us using the online assignment help submission form to send us your assignments or homework.

Civil law assignment help

This is also an important area of Law assignment help. Just like criminal law, it is also a wide subject and include areas like, property law, Contract law, trust law, tort law and many more. Contract law covers everything from buying vegetables to purchasing a hotel group. The Property law is concerned with the transfer of property.
We can help you with the applications of Administrative law, International law and constitutional law. We have done several assessments previously and most of them were related to the civil law assignment help. We can help you in the possible way anytime anywhere. Contact us the leading assignment help service-MakeMyAssignments.

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