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The Main Aim of Marketing is to generate awareness among the consumers in regard of your products. Marketing is the need of the hour, and is being in use by each and every firm.

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Marketing management is that component of business control which involves the applications of the different marketing techniques and principles. Marketing management also involves controlling of marketing resources and the different activities of a particular business and also its main area of concern is the customer.
  • There are four steps that are involved in the process of marketing, which are:
  • Identifying the needs of the consumers
  • Creating products that are customer oriented and can be sold well in the market.
  • Building good relationships with potential customers.
  • Obtain the benefits from the newly developed customer relationship base.
The work of the marketing division of every organization is to capture new market along with taking care of the needs of the existing customers. Globalization has brought about a huge change in the working of this division. Now, along with promoting their products in the home country, they have to promote the products in the foreign countries as well. Promoting their products and services in a foreign land proves to be extremely beneficial for an organization, and it is also a very important part of the whole marketing strategy of that organization.

The marketing management process involves a very crucial aspect which is known as the sales promotion. It is a fact that a product cannot be sold on its own, which means that to sell a new or an existing product it is important that, that particular product is promoted in a proper manner. There are some communication activities that offer the consumers with certain reward and incentives which in turn helps in the promotion of the product. Along with this, there are some sales tools that are used to promote the sales promotion like coupons, free samples, premium, etc. These tools are important for attracting and retaining the customers in a firm, and it can also help the firm or organization at the time of tough competition or exploit opportunities of a particular market. Marketing Assignment Help aims at providing the students with required help that is needed to understand the various activities that play a huge role in increasing the sales of a company.

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