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Market Segmentation

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Market Segmentation Assignment Help In UK


Get Market Segmentation Assignment Help in UK

The basic meaning of segmentation is to make segments or have division of something. Thus the combined meaning of Market segmentation is to have the segments of broad market (either consumer based or business based). While dividing or segmenting markets some common characteristics like shared needs, common interests, similar lifestyles or demographic profiles are put into mind by the researchers.The aim of such segmenting process is to analyze high yield segments i.e. which segment is the most profitable or having potential to grow such that it can be included under target markets).

MARKET SEGMENTATION ASSIGNMENT HELP includes different ways to segment a market for example B2B (i.e. Business to Business) sellers used to segment a market on the basis of different businesses or sometimes countries also. While on the other hand, B2C (i.e. Business to Consumer) sellers segment a market on the basis of or in the forms of:

Consumer-based Segmentations includes:

Market segmentation is that process in which mass of markets are grouped or segmented into similar needs or wants.Different market segments require different marketing programs like different offers, prices, or even combination of marketing variables that is required as per the use and need of that particular product in daily routine works. Market segmentation help to enhance profiles of such different segments so that needs and purchase motivations can be understood. Or in other words, one can say that segmentation analysis can be used to provide brace the marketing strategies, its development and also the planning to enhance the overall profit.

Sometimes Segmentation→ Targeting → Positioning (the STP approach) are used by the marketers for planning their marketing objectives. This STP approach helps the marketers to set the priorities, and then develop their strategies and to organize relevant messages to have gain with different audiences i.e. one or more segments are selected for targeting and the products are thus positioned in a way that follows the target market.The process of segmentation comprises of recognizing the market to be segmented; the whole analysis is needed to be there such as identification, selection and application that could be used in segmentation and thus the application is made based on the development of profiles. Targeting concentrates on complete analysis of different segment’s attractiveness. And Positioning concentrates on identifying ideal position and appropriate marketing schemes or programs for the development of such segments.

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