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Marketing Case Study

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Marketing Case Study Assignment Help In UK


Get Marketing Orientation Assignment Help in UK

The term ‘Marketing’ refers to a whole process of managing, communicating, publications or publicity or creating public relations and offering good and valued product to the customers that could satisfy their needs. Marketing of any product plays in important role for its sale or purchase. Companies demand for new marketing strategies and hire persons for such purposes. Marketing and its variable strategies makes product of any company to gain identification communicate with the audiences and if planned accordingly, can also increase the demand of that product. Marketing is thus the philosophy or business philosophy that a company follows to reach its target or goal. Marketing refers to the strategies of reaching to the customers that could help the company to have its sale but the market orientation is something that is meant by the reverse of marketing. It means to satisfy the demands of the consumers and providing such furnished goods that could fulfill their daily routine needs either personal needs or needs of similar aged groups.

Marketing follows or consist of some principles that remain unchanged with the change in locations of any business.However, marketing strategies of a business is always dependent on the location for that particular business. Like the location will help to understand the analysis of target market i.e where the business will be more profitable and up to what extent or where the chances of sale will be high. Furthermore, it conducts competitive analysis that will let you judge the cultural and legal regulations of the market place. Let’s take an example of launching a new juice product in Australia. To do this, company would have to first analyze the current market position or status and the company would have to work on connecting those market analysis factors with the business so that it could have long-term stability. Thus, the concept of marketing will remain the same but the individual approach will change accordingly to the market.


Gillette SWOT fusion marketing case

In this case merger and acquisition concept created a meaningful development. Merger refers when one company combines with other company for the betterment of both and acquisition is when one company is taken over by other company. The whole concept of merger and acquisition make two separated companies to gain more valuable place in the market as compared to that of their individual stands because the both companies work for each other’s wellness; creating a mutual relationship between the two. This further enhances the wealth of both companies. Following things can take place under merger and acquisition:

Such steps make a company to maintain a competitive nature in the market place and this merger & acquisition can be done for short time or for long time depending on the legal documentations and on its types or forms.

In the case of Gillette- the marketing innovations that they considered were- they introduced products for females as well and it reaches up to 60% globally. It enhanced its marketing strategies by attracting more people through its one-liner – “THE BEST A MAN CAN GET”. Since the time Wilkinson Sword- Schick Company get involved into Gillette, each company introduced the three razors in the market in the rapid succession and these were: 3 bladed- Gillette march-3, 4 bladed- Schick’s Quattro and 5 bladed Gillette fusion. And researchers believe that Gillette has reached at the ending point of innovating world of technologies. The weaknesses that were there in the case were the customer’s skepticism between the 5-bladed razor and the 3-bladed razor, which lost the focus of customers from itself. However, the company showed its innovative techniques and strived in the market place.

The case study of Gillette SWOT fusion has now become an important example to discuss or read about especially in the field of marketing that has put forth various an remarkable or noticeable strategies of marketing.

Nike SWOT and PEST Analysis case study

Nike is a well-known brand for footwear. It acquired several footwear and apparel companies in its history. In 2002, It acquire surf apparel company Hurley International, in 2003- it acquired Converse, makers of the Chuck Taylor All-Stars lines of sneakers and in 2004 the company acquired starter company and again in 2008 it acquired an another company known for England National Football teams kit (Umbro); which all extended its shares with remarkable changes and it became a good supplier of shoes and clothes.

The company adopted media channels to promote its brand, entered into internet marketing, e-mail management technologies and started broadcasting its brand using different innovative techniques. The brand became worldwide popular. And now, the company is well known for its variety of clothes including youth culture, urban fashion culture and many more. However, its products cost very high which created a weakness factor for the company.

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