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What are humanities and why has it emerged as an important field of research?
Humanities as the name suggest it deals with human philosophy, culture, literature, religion, civilization, language and human experiences. Humanities originated in ancient Greek culture when philosophy was spreading its roots. It tell us about every citizen and their unique personality as well as their true values of life.
Anthropologists are consistently investing their time and effort to understand the evolution of the field.Its the result of extensive research and deep study that humanities is one of the major branches of anthropology now due to which it has become an area of research among students.  Completing nan assignment requires lots of effort and time as student are expected to apply extensive research and knowledge about the subject to achieve better results. Therefore, it is advisable to take a second opinion from humanities expert to diminishing the scope of errors in assignment writing is the right way, as they have expertise team working for them.
Different field where Humanities has its application
According to humanities experts, humanities covers various areas that make it popular among students. It opens various career options for students pursing humanities as their major subject.  Following are the few areas where humanities are prominent:-
Linguistics: is the scientific study  of language and its structure it includes the study of grammar, phonetics etc
Literature: it includes  any writing i.e., poetry, prose etc
Philosophy:  is the theory that acts like guiding  principle for behavior 
Religion: its the interest followed with great devotion
Social sciences:  its the scientific study related to human society and their relationships
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