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Human resource is an essential part of any business organization. Every organization needs multiple resources to carry out business out of which human workforce is of utmost importance. Human resource is nothing but the personnel in a company that is skilled, trained, has knowledge and experience. Human Resource is also known as Human Capital but Human Capital is a rather narrow concept than Human Resource.
Business organizations, especially corporates have the same outlook to their employees as other assets of the company and invest in the enhancement of their skills and training through various development programs. This development field is widely known as human resource development.

Governing trend in HR trends

Diversity in workforce is a growing trend in the current times in all organizations. While focusing on hiring skilled and experienced personnel, companies are putting a special focus on maintaining a balance between diverse genders, race and nationalities. This not only helps in using the perspectives and knowledge of all such employees but also promotes internationalization at the workplace.
The demographics of an organization illustrate and cover various characteristics of a certain population such as education, nationality, ethnicity, etc. and greatly affect the hiring strategies of a company as well as the salaries and pensions of the employees.
Qualification and Skills
Human Resource and workforce are a huge investment for any business organization. Hence, regardless of the situations any company lays special emphasis on the knowledge, qualifications, and skills of an individual before hiring him for the benefit of the organization.
Human Resource is a basic foundation for various other wider and complex fields such as human resource development and human resource management. Our tutors can assist on various topics related to these other fields as well.

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