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Marketing Orientation

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Marketing Orientation Assignment Help In UK


Get Marketing Orientation Assignment Help in UK

The term marketing orientation is concerned with a company’s techniques and strategies being followed to fulfil customer’s needs and desires. The term ‘Marketing’ refers to a whole process of managing, communicating, publications or publicity or creating public relations and offering good and valued product to the customers that could satisfy their needs. Marketing of any product plays in important role for its sale or purchase. Companies demand for new marketing strategies and hire persons for such purposes. Marketing and its variable strategies makes product of any company to gain identification communicate with the audiences and if planned accordingly, can also increase the demand of that product. Marketing is thus the philosophy or business philosophy that a company follows to reach its target or goal whereas Marketing orientation is the actual practice of such marketing concepts. The Marketing orientation is concerned with the philosophical path that a company pursue to reach its target by providing good services to the customers and thereby maintaining a good position in  the competitive place of market. Marketing refers to the strategies of reaching to the customers that could help the company to have its sale but the market orientation is something that is meant by the reverse of marketing. It means to satisfy the demands of the consumers and providing such furnished goods that could fulfil their daily routine needs either personal needs or needs of similar aged groups.

In the beginning of 1970, Harvard Professor Theodore Levitt and other academics argued over the business strategies that were working to create profits for the company instead of providing good and services to the customers as per their need or wants. And stated that customer intelligence should be used and companies should support for the manufacturing of products that should be based on customer’s insight or opinion.

Marketing oriented business is set up to satisfy the need of customers, for instance, no one can deny the need of a toilet or toilet seat, and even the need of sanitary products for females. This marketing orientation business is consumers oriented that focuses on the need of customers and works behind it and fulfilling their need become the basic goal for such businesses or companies. While in some cases the need is desired like the marketing of cosmetic products but it converts its phase into marketing orientation process when the desire of the customer is fulfilled and the demand increases and ultimately company works more to satisfy such demands. Thus , it then becomes customers oriented business. Furthermore, Marketing Orientation makes the customers to support for the improvement in the products and this creates opportunity for the company to maintain a customer relationship and thereby remain high in the competitive environment.

The basic need that are the part of daily routines such as sleepers, etc. creates no efforts opportunity by the company because it’s already a need of consumer and less cost will be spent for the marketing of such products but when a company introduce a new product in the market; it becomes a need to spent on its marketing until it becomes identifiable and the ultimate need of customers.

Some major consequences that are faced due to Marketing Orientation: The companies working behind the need of customers that are not cost effective to fulfil, leaves a company to determine whether they will gain optimum returns or not. In such cases, long terms strategies are made with options like today it is not cost effective but down the line it can become cost effective.

MARKETING ORIENTATION COMPONENTS: Marketing Orientation Assignment Help can help you in understanding the components that play important role for marketing orientation businesses and these are:

  1. CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: It is obvious that the main motive behind market oriented organizations is to work for the needs if customers. Thus, it is an ultimate customer’s oriented business where the products are made while taking care of customer’s needs.
  2. COMPETITION ORIENTATION: With the widespread of technology, competition among the companies has also increased. A company generally gathers the information of needs of customers via surveys or market research (that questions about customers need, preferences, etc.)and this makes them to understand the weaknesses and strengths of other companies.
  3. INTERFUNCTIONAL COORDINATION: It is about internal processes of a company that how they handle the whole process of communication programs and how appropriately a company converts market intelligence into integrated marketing communication programs, i.e. advertising, offers, promotions, publicity etc.

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