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Man has always been speculating about the reasons for his actions and thoughts. Many philosophers including Aristotle, Plato, etc. had developed theories and interpretations about the behavior of humans and the relations of their mind and body. They used to assume that mind is a separate identifiable part of human body that has different working aspects and can be identified by some measurements of behavior.  They interpreted that soul of human body is a basic element of creatures and also forms the basis of all the activities being performed by such creatures. This thought of philosophers was named as the “science of soul”. And thus psychology was considered to be the part of science of soul till the beginning of 17th century. In general, the word psychology is a combination of two different words- psyche and logos where the Greek word- ‘psyche’ which is meant by ‘soul’ and ‘logos’ is meant by ‘science’ and thus the combine meaning is ‘science of soul’. But some scientists were not in favour of this term and were not getting clear answer of their questions so they defined psychology as the ‘study of mind’ this name was termed by the Greek philosophers who were not in favour of this. It was William James of America who termed psychology as a separate independent discipline and separated the term from that of philosophy. He thus defined psychology as ‘the description and explanation of state of consciousness as such’. It was Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) of Germany was psychologist and also he was the first person who set up psychology laboratory to initiate the processes and searches or inventions related to psychology and gave definition of psychology as the science of consciousness. But from 19th century (and onwards) the term began to be called as ‘study of behaviour’. And this was termed by J.B. Watson who stated that psychology not only includes conscious behaviour or the activities performed by human’s conscious mind but also includes sub-conscious and even non-conscious and also the inner or mental processes like humans are capable of experiencing their nature and environment, animals, birds and all the living organisms surrounding them and thus he coined the term study of behavior for psychology which should be considered as the behaviour and its study which is ultimately interrelated with brain and its activities not matter either its conscious, sub-conscious or non-conscious.

Psychological Assignment Help includes the study of field of Psychology and also the different branches of psychology where the behaviour of humans is studied noticing the different aspects. There are 4 different branches of psychology that deals with different aged people, such as:

  1. Infant psychology that concerns with infancy aged children (0-2 years) or with the understanding of infants behaviour and mind activities.
  2. Child psychology which focuses on the childhood aged persons from the age of 3 to 13 or 14years and thus it relates with the study of mind and behaviour of childhood aged children or persons.
  1. Adult Psychology handles the psychological study of adults ranging from the age of 20 years to 30 years. At this age, people who are not able to take care of their family issue or to maintain a loving and cooperative nature within their family members are likely suffer psychological issues which ultimately make them depressed and the professionals who handle such situations need to be well-experienced and well-matured that they could be able to think from the patients point of view.

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