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Employment Law Assignment Help | Employment Law Assignment Writing Service


Employment law Assignment Help comprises of that law which is followed by almost all businesses. Employment law is that field of law which steer the employer-employee relationship. Employment law says that if the number of employees exceeds a particular limit of employees in any company then the company or the business firm would have to obey this law. This law is an abstract of both the laws- state and federal laws which counts many different matters related with the common goals to protect employees’ rights. And those common goals were set to:

Employment law comprises that area of law which governs the employer-employee relationship. Employment law is also known by the labor law. During earlier times, companies had to face many problems due to unions or committees formed by the employees who used to protest against the company to fulfill their demands and thereby the spark (of getting cheated by the acts and rules of the company) inside the employees would destroy the whole name and reputation of the company. Thus, employment law had to introduce. Employment Law also implies that children below the age of 14 will be banned from working in any establishment or a company. And if anyone found harming children below the age of 14 years or practicing child labour, is liable to punishment as per the law.

The Employment law not only protects the rights of employees but there are also some predefined regulations that are needed to be followed up by the employer of any company such as they need to determine minimum wage rate that should be equal for all workers. Just for example, in some companies minimum wages are paid on the hourly basis. And thus, this will not further create any dispute among the workers for the counts of present days and wages provided- they will not compare each other on these terms or will remain satisfied among themselves and also with their work.

For instance, Minimum Wages Law is also followed by European countries like U.S. Earlier when there were no rights or such laws to protect the rights of workers; the workers had to work as per the demand of the supervisor or sometimes they had to work for almost 12 to 14 hours which means they would contribute most of their time in the labour and that was like harming their health but now this law states that the workers need to follow only the standard working time, i.e., minimum 8-9 hours per day. Now, not any company or firm can make any employee to work (within the premises) for more than 8-9 hours and if the time limit exceeds (in case of any emergency) then it’s the responsibility of the employer to provide rewards for the extra working hours.

International Labour Organization  is an agency that deal with the problems faced by the labour including social protection and working opportunities. It protects the basic right of any person, i.e. the working opportunity for all which says that every person is capable of performing some activities that suits to his or her health and body and they should be provided equal opportunities to work and no discriminations should be there.

There is also an another organization that works for the protection of such laws- World Trade Organization which came into work because of the weak enforcement mechanism of ILO (International Labour Organization) This organization looks after General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade treaty which has an ultimate aim to reduce the barriers including tariffs and customs on import and export of goods, services and capital between its 157 member countries that come under this organization.

Assignment Help with Employment Law will help you to know about the Laws for the protection of workers followed in India: – In India approximately fifty national and many other state-level laws are governed where an employee can be terminated from his or her job because of his or her habitual absence or proven mis-behaviour or misconduct.

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