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Tort Law

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A tort law is merely a civil wrong. In this law, three basic types of torts may lead to cause injury or loss to the anther person. If anyone makes any person harm, loss, damage due to unfair practices, then such person is attracted to legal liability. Furthermore, the individual causing harm, loss or commits a tortious act is known as the tortfeasor. Tort law constitutes of several fields such as Property, Economy, Intentional, Defense, Negligence, and Dignity. In law, all the legal action is already predefined against the offender. Nevertheless, to get alleviation in the punishment, one can request for the same.

Instance of Tort Law

An individual is accountable and deserves a legal action if a person seeks to harm any other person intentionally. Consequently, an individual has committed an offense with a MensRea (Guilty Mind) is to be adjudged liable for punishment. Furthermore, Imprisonment, assault, fraud and much more are being included in the tort law against that person. Some of the examples are, one can deliberately interfere in someone else property matter, another area is of defamation.  If a person says anything derogatory to some other person in the presence of the public, such act is known as an act of defamation. The plaintiff can file the suit for the same and ask for the compensation by filing the proper lawsuit.
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