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Evaluate the role of the leader in contributing to the creation of the organization’s vision and in its communication to others

Vision in terms of leadership is defined as the ideas and the plans that are necessarily made keeping in mind the future of an organization. A clear vision of a leader for an organization helps the other members to follow the same track and thus reaching towards the goal much easily. A vision is necessary for future planning’s and implementation. In many organizations, usually the members have great plans to accomplish the different tasks but don’t have the clear vision to pursue it, which makes them fall in between the job, and then everything washes away. So to complete the job in an easy and satisfying way, a proper clear vision is required to complete the goals in the given time frame.

In providing a long-sighted and futuristic vision, a leader plays an important role. A leader is the one who can provide a forward-looking approach and a suitable direction for fulfilling the goals. A leader can use his or her past experiences, knowledge and ideas in narrowing down towards the proper vision. Like a pyramid top provides the creation of the structure, the same way a leader provides the vision with others who can follow the leader. A leader’s vision if expressed properly and clearly can become the vision of the whole organization thereby making the other members aware about the organizational goals and the way it can be achieved.

The most difficult task is to implement the vision of the organization. For this purpose, a high level of communication between the members is required to implement it. For implementation purposes, the pyramid example suits the most but not in the top down fashion but at the bottom up way. This is because the implementation requires delivering of the ideas by the members to the desired customers. So for this purpose, the members must be in direct contact with the clients and the leader should be there for giving the right direction and support. This can be achieved if the communication at every level is proper with clear delivery of thoughts. So a leader’s role is of utmost importance in the creation of a vision.

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