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Oil Companies in Kuwait Alter Existing Business Strategies To Attract Greater Foreign Investment

Background of the Study

Kuwait possess If we count in percent then almost 10% of world’s oil reserves belongs to Kuwait. Oil industry is one of the biggest contributor in the economy of the country. The sector holds 50 percent of the whole GDP of Kuwait. On one hand, the oil reserves has made Kuwait well-famous across the globe. On the other hand, it is also very much important for the oil companies to set some policies so as to invite the foreign investments while protecting own benefits. Most of the manufacturing companies of Kuwait works in the field of fertilizers, petroleum and petrochemicals, industrial chemicals etc. It is due to these products and business in these products that has made Kuwait economically strong.And it is obvious that the country attracts number of foreign investors. But for many years Kuwait has been facing problems related to attracting the foreign investors. These issues are occurring due to inefficient strategies maintained by the oil companies of Kuwait and the other reasons are government laws and policies that regulates the policies of Kuwait. In order to attract the investors and make profits, it has bow become important for oil companies in Kuwait to alter their strategies.This research analyze the adjustments or alteration made in strategies adopted by oil companies in Kuwait and justify the extent up to which such strategies are beneficial for attracting number of foreign investors.

Aims and Objectives of the Research

Objectives of any research work gives direction of pursuing with the work. Therefore it forms an essential part and must be handled with careful perceptions. On the other hand, aim of any research is accomplished when the objectives are achieved in a gradually increasing manner.Thus, it can be said that objectives create a path for achieving a particular aim. This research deals with various important objectives to be accomplished while proceeding towards the conclusion.

The basic or primary aim of the current dissertation is to evaluate the process of altering the current strategies implemented by the oil companies in Kuwait in order to enhance the foreign investment in the oil companies of Kuwait.

Objectives of the Research

  • To discuss in-depth the current scenario of oil companies in Kuwait.
  • To study the strategies adopted by oil companies in Kuwait to attract foreign investment.
  • To formulate the shortcomings of the existing strategies adopted by oil companies in Kuwait for attracting foreign investment.
  • To suggest some alternative strategies for reducing the effect of shortcoming faced due to strategies adopted by oil companies in Kuwait.

Research Questions

  • How oil companies are performing in terms of adopting strategies and different methods to attract foreign investment?
  • What are the different strategies adopted and implemented by Kuwait’s oil companies for attracting huge number of foreign investors?
  • What are the shortcomings of existing strategies that the oil companies have adopted for increasing the number of foreign investments?
  • What are the suggestions regarding alternative strategies for reducing the effect of shortcoming faced due to strategies adopted by oil companies in Kuwait?


Quantitative research methodology has been selected for this research as this methodology perfectly fits for the type of research in order to create interrelationships between the various theories and numerical data that was collected based on the economy of Kuwait. Since Kuwait is well known for its oil companies and reserve for oil, it is very much obvious that it attracts foreign investments from different corners of the globe. This research focuses to highlight the current strategies adopted by oil companies of Kuwait in order to enhance the number of foreign investors. Different theories have been investigated with the help of deductive approach. Furthermore, the research work follow positivism research philosophy as clear objectives and aims have been formulated for the conclusion of the research work. And in order to effectively connect with the targeted audience or participants, the researcher has adopted descriptive design. Ethics and the code of conducts have been followed by the researcher so as to conduct the research work with knowledgeable and well-structured  conclusion. Moreover, the data collected through different data collection methods has not been altered under any circumstances or under the pressure of any outer resources.

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