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Evaluate the balance needed between the demands of management and the demands of leadership

The term leadership defines the quality of the person to influence someone’s mind and make the person follow the leader. Leadership is something that sets an example in front of others how to direct others. Whereas the word management is somewhat related to managing of the people to make them work efficiently to have a high output. Management can be of the staff, money, things etc. A manger sets the professional culture in an organization and a leader is there to encourage people to do things productively.

In the corporate world, both the terms- management and leadership go hand in hand and it’s difficult sometimes to differentiate. Still both the responsibilities are different and have their own role to play depending on the situation. So to have a line of comparison between them, there should be a balanced between the demands of management and the demands of leadership.

To understand more, the demands of management and leadership are needed to be studied. The demands of the leadership can be- a counselor, visionary, tough person, self-confident, supportive, experienced and value oriented. All these demands stated above help a leader to enhance his or her qualities with time and sharpen the skills to be a better example in front of others. To have a good management style, the person needs to be well focused and should know how to utilize the resources around. The main thing is that the person should know what risk to be taken and at what time. All this comes with the high amount of experience in the related field. The better the person in taking steps forward the better the results will be. But before taking any risk the person should analyze the effects, both positive and negative, to measure the actual productivity.

Being a good leader and a manager demands a visionary attitude with tactful problem solving skills. A person can perform both the roles if he or she has the required experience with high-level skills of pressure and workforce management.  To become a great example in life we need to see great examples for inspiration. is a pioneer in online management assignment help and online leadership assignment help. Hence, for your online assignment help requirements, contact

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