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Discuss how you adapt leadership styles to meet changing needs and enable team development and commitment

The needs of a department changing with time. Accordingly the style of leading the department also changes.

Some of the leadership styles that are important and are necessary to be adapted to meet the changing needs and enable the team development and commitment are-

Charismatic Leadership- this kind of leadership is natural and it comes from inside of the person. Usually it inspires others and also helps in attaining goals.

Participative Leadership- a leader can be influential above others if and only if he\she shows the leading attitude with active participation in the task with the desired team members.

Contingency leadership- the basic meaning of the word contingency is an event that is not certainly predicted but has a possible chance to occur in near future. So contingency leadership style utilizes this meaning efficiently by considering risk in the defined task. Here the leader keeps the in mind the different consequences if something unusual happens.

Autocratic Leadership style- such kind of leadership style is one sided and it is according to the decision made by the leader. Here the team members have not much leverage to express themselves. It’s the leader who takes the decision and the team members don’t have privilege to criticize or show their ideas. In terms of development and commitment, this kind of leadership helps to make decisions in a prompt fashion but on the other hand it may lead to unhealthy and unprofessional environment.

Facilitative Leadership- this type of leadership helps others and encourages them to do the task. This is not directive and helps to decide the strategy for making better business relations.

Democratic Leadership style- in this style, the leader has the prior knowledge of the given work and he/she has the liberty to do it accordingly ensuring that the task is done according to the plan and procedure.

The developmental needs of the team can be managed by working out with the team members and finding the best person for the particular job. Personal meetings for issue discussion can also manage the needs of the members. Finally their steps towards the goal can be found out and data can be analyzed.

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