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Assess the practical value of a leadership style to a manager in achieving organizational objectives

The leadership style of a person depends on the nature of the person. Some people are very goal oriented and likes to work in a given time frame and some are a bit relaxed in their attitude. Depending upon the nature the leadership style varies. A person can be a good leader if he or she is focused and have a professional attitude towards the tasks. A good manager has to be a leader first. For handling such a responsible post is important for the manager to follow a particular leadership style. The style should be selected in such a way that it has a practical value and highly effective in its implementation. Leadership is a responsible job. Sometimes the quality of leadership is inherent in the nature and sometimes it develops by seeing your idols. Leadership comes with experience and implemented on the inexperienced. An example where a practical value of leadership style to a manager is used to achieve organizational objective can be-

Suppose a project is allotted to a team of five members in an organization, which is to be done in, say ten days. The team takes half of the time to decide how to initiate the project and what will be the input data set. The manager of the team can use the autocratic style of leadership where the manager can now put the restriction on the team to complete project in the next three days without any delays acceptable and if the project is not completed then the members will be fined in their salaries. This will impose a strict deadline on the team members that makes them work harder and complete the project within those three days.

This style of leadership is very successful in these kinds of situations as this strictness of the manager will limit the members to relax and force them to work hard and teach them a lesson that such an attitude with them in the future may cost them their job. This will also help the team to work in short time durations and prepare them to handle such situations in future.

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