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Customer Service Plan – The Wales Institute

Customer Service Plan – The Wales Institute

Assessment description

You will develop a customer service plan for the simulated business ‘Innovative Widgets’. You will gather the background information on the simulated business from your Student Workbook and any information about Innovative Widgets that you may have created in the course of completing learning activities in the Student Workbook.


  1. Over the duration of the course, gather information on the Innovative Widgets simulated business from course materials.
  2. Over the duration of the course, based on the information you are provided, produce a customer service plan for Innovative Widgets. Your customer service plan should include:
    1. vision and mission statements that refer to internal and external customers
    2. product standards that include:
      1. dimensions
      2. tolerances
  • pricing
  1. material
  2. delivery
  1. policies and procedures for:
    1. gathering customer information and conducting market research to identify customer needs using the RATER model
    2. responding to customer complaints
  • managing records and data.
  1. Develop a one page reflection on your plan and how the design of your plan will work to achieve quality customer service and legal compliance.
  2. Submit your customer service plan and reflection to your assessor as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.


You must provide:

  • a customer service plan submitted on A4 paper or, if submitted electronically, in Word format.
  • a one page reflection on your development and design of a customer service plan.
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