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“Make Your Marketing So Useful People would pay for it”- Jay Baer
“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.” - Mike Volpe
“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov  
Marketing is considered to be the lifeline of every business. Marketing is focused on generating awareness among the consumers in regard of products or the services that are being provided by a business. If the consumers are not aware of the products or the services of the business, it is pretty obvious that they would never be able to consume the products or the services of the same. However, most of the times, the concept of marketing is confused with the concept of promotion.
It is important to understand that promotion should not be confused with marketing. Both are different but similar. Promotion is actually a part of marketing. Marketing is a wider term which involves different areas with which the business firms can efficiently reach out to the potential consumers.
Marketing is basically based on ensuring that the consumers get effectively attracted towards your product or a service. There 4P’s of marketing which directly affects the overall marketing process. These 4P’s of marketing are the 4 different dimensions of marketing and act like the 4 wheels of a car where if any one of the wheels is inefficient, the car will underperform and the overall objective would not be attained easily.
Another major aspect that a marketer should always consider while applying different techniques of marketing is to ensure that all the dimensions which are to be used for marketing will actually meet the expectations of the potential consumers and not to mention, should be relevant to them.
Why Marketing is so essential today?
Marketing assignment help is one of the most important queries that we receive from most of the students, and it is actually because of the creativity of our writers. As provided by Joe Chernov, it is a matter of fact that great marketing is actually what makes the consumer feel smart, then how does MakeMyAssignments.com make the consumers smart?
Though MakeMyAssignmets.com is a service based organization, which is generally marketed using the 7Ps, but let’s just confine it to the 4Ps of Marketing:
Product is the lifeline of a business. If the offering of a business is not up to the mark, it will typically impact the overall performance of the business and the marketing objectives of the business will remain unfulfilled. Here at MakeMyAssignments.com we offer unmatched quality of product with the aim of attaining the maximum possible consumer satisfaction. We believe that if our consumers are satisfied, then only we will get more orders. Our service ensures to meet all the expectations of our clients with pre-purchase as well as post-purchase support.
Price is an important concern among the consumers. Every consumer requires that he gets the best quality of services at the lowest possible prices. Moreover, every industry is becoming competitive and thus, it is important to ensure that the prices that are offered to the consumers must be reasonable as well as competitive. The same aspect is adhered by MakeMyAssignments.com. The company ensures that the price remain competitive and this why they do not charge anything extra, rather focus on the aspect of reasonability where they understand that the students usually have limited budgets and should not be charged unreasonable prices.
Promotion is the way of reaching out to the consumers. There are several different tools to promote your products and services and the business firms generally use these tools tactically to target the consumers. MakeMyAssignments.com unlike other assignment service providers, who usually undertake paid promotion, the company focuses on organic promotion where the firm targets its consumers using different organic methods efficiently.
Physical distribution
Last but not the least, the major dimension that the consumers consider that from where they will get the product or the service. Of course it is an essential component, and considering these aspects, MakeMyAssignments.com after being providing its services in UK, brought its service online to ensure that the consumers can receive the unmatched quality of assignment help services from MakeMyAssignments.com anywhere and anytime.

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