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Online Crime-File Management

1. Introduction

According to Kaur (2015), the increase in the cases of crime has hampered the security system in UK. So a new method has been introduced for reporting the criminal cases. Online crime file management system has been has been developed for reporting the crimes in easy way.

1.1 Aim of research

Aim of the research is to study the crime file management system in UK and to analyze the complete system of reporting the crime or missing of any report and the maintenance of the whole database.

1.2 Objective of research

The objectives of the research follow as:

  • To study the whole process of online crime file management system of UK.
  • To study the importance of online crime file management system adopted and implemented by UK government.
  • To study the impact of such system on the society of UK.
  • To evaluate the database of online crime file management system.

1.3 Hypothesis

  • Online crime file management system has produced beneficial impact on the security system and society of UK.
  • Online crime file management system has not produced beneficial impact on the security system and society of UK.

2. Literature review

2.1 Introduction

Online crime file management system is a web based application which utilizes internet services. The crime file management system is thus software that is developed by IT experts. It needs to get registered on the website for filling any crime report. The website also provides option for new users to register themselves for reporting their complaints. And the database obtained from the side of victim is kept secret by the authorities from public views.

2.2 Analysis of online crime files management system

Online crime file management system helps people or victims to report for the crimes they have faced, regarding missing person, or other cases that make them to share with the cops. At One end, the system allows the users to file report while the other end reaches towards the administration where the database is generated and the relevant work is proceeded. It also allows to store the user’s email id and contact details but on temporary basis. The data is stored separately in a directory form. This helps the retrievers to gather information without any problem or confusion. The online crime file management system of UK possesses three different levels of componentfor completing the process of reportingcrime. The components are registered/verified user, administrator of the application and guests or visitors.

2.3 Importance of online crime files management system

The basic reason behind the implementation of online crime file management system by UK government is to reduce the pressure of maintaining the manual work. With the help of this system, UK government has tried to introduce existence of different crimes in front of the audience with less chances of error in the database. People can file for missing of someone, theft, lost or most wanted kind of cases. The primary motive behind applying this application in UK is to reduce the pressure of employees of crime department so that they can focus only on the necessary work i.e. solving the case. Alvaro and Shore (2014) commented that the implementation of online crime file management system has led the UK government to reduce the operational cost. This system also let the security officers to get alert as it allows them to see the location of the site user.

2.4 Summary

Online crime file management system is a step taken to reduce the chances of error and provide an immediate alert to the security officers about the location of the crime place. It also helps to keep a check on the errors made by database.

3 Research Methodology

3.1 Research approach

Qualitative and quantitative methods have been utilized as a part of research approach for completing this report. Research approach creates a path for competition of the whole report with the help of theories and principles.

3.2 Research Design

Descriptive research design has been adopted by the researcher. Research approach is the main factor on which the whole report is dependent.

3.3 Research philosophy

Research philosophy paves a way for collecting useful information based on different theories, models and principles.

3.4 Data collection

The procedure of collecting data has been accomplished via primary as well as secondary data collection method. Different sources have been considered for collecting useful and relevant information.

3.5 Sample Size

20 users of applications and 10 security officer who solved the cases have been interviewed to conclude the report based on their viewpoints and experiences.

3.6 Research ethics

The research work has been completed while following all the ethical code of conducts.

3.7 Limitation

The major limitation is time and the limited information provided by the security officers or the targeted audience.


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