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Mobile Phone Tracking: A case Study of Samsung

1) Introduction

According to Mayor (2011), with the advancement in technology, mobile tracking system has also reached to a high technological level with full of advantages. Tracking a mobile help to locate position of a person, place or any object as per the location of the mobile device or model.This further helps to get information regarding the latitude and longitude of the position or place of the particular location.

1.1) Aims of the Research Work

Aim of the research work is to judge the effectiveness or to find out the impact of tracking system of mobiles in order to find out the exact location of the device (especially of Samsung Company). Moreover it also aims to find out the ways of reducing the criminal cases with the help of tracking system of mobiles so that by tracking the cell phone actual place of the person or the device can be detected.

1.2) Objectives of Research Work

  • To determine the impact of using the tracking system in locating the position of a person or mobile device.
  • To understand the importance of mobile tracking system in reducing the criminal cases.
  • To understand the extent up to which the system can be used to trace a person which can help in fastening the criminal cases in order to reach towards a conclusion.

1.3) Hypothesis

  • The use of mobile tracing system helps to detect the position of a person or mobile device.
  • The use of mobile tracing system doesn’t help to detect the position of a person or mobile device.

2) Literature Review

2.1) Introduction

According to Bhatia and Hilal (2012), mobile tracking system involves different processes to be done like bugging, tracking, interception and monitoring of the mobile or cell phone as well as the user. It also focuses on the callrecording system and the messages sent & received by the same device. Thus, by this it can be detected that how many users are involved in using the device and how many are involved in the criminal cases. And it also helps to detect the position of the lost mobile phones and the monitoring of the lost data as well.

2.2) Advantages of Mobile Phone tracking Systems

  • Emergency use: In case of any kind of emergency, GPS tracker in mobile phones can help to determine the place where the user is physically present. It can help to locate the position of device throughwhich position of user can be detected in case of any kind of emergency like phone lost, accident, call to police station or fire brigade.
  • Tracking criminals or terrorists: Now a days tourism has become a major concern for every state or country for the popularity of one’s own culture and rituals but this has also become a way for terrorists and criminal minded people to create some disaster. In such cases, mobile tracking can be used to detect their voices, message receiver or sender etc.
  • For the management of business: According to Hoffneret al. 2015, mobile tracking help employers to detect the limit of time the employees spent on their phones during the office hours or working hours.
  • Privacy Concerns: In case of robbery or lost of mobile device, this system can be used to exactly detect the location of the device and the person having the use of that lost mobile.

2.3) Mobiles Spying Software

In this context Neumayer and Stald (2014) commented that mobile tracing system helps in detecting any spy activity. By this, conversations can be recorded and the involvement of any kind of criminal can also be captured.

2.4) Conclusion

Mobile tracking system is one of the most demanding services in today’s technological world where almost every person has a smart phone and possess high quality and advanced features in their mobile devices. This is also very much helpful for cops to detect the location of criminal minds and gather some evidences also.

3) Research Methodology

3.1) Research Approach

Inductive approach is used in this research work to connect the theories and principles for a well-satisfied conclusion of the report. Research approach makes the work easy by connecting the different theories and principles with the actual objectives and hypothesis of the research work.

3.2) Research Design

It is basically a blueprint of the whole research and act as the outline of the report for directing the report with a successful achievement of knowledge. Descriptive research design is utilized in this dissertation for the completion of the research work.

3.3) Research Philosophy

Interpretive research design is used by the researcher for in-depth analysis and understanding of the knowledge obtained.

3.4) Data Collection Methods

Primary and secondary data both are used by the researcher for successfully completing the research work.

3.5) Sample Size

10 developers and 50 users of the software have been interviewed for the collection of first-hand information.

3.6) Research Ethics

All ethics and code of conducts are followed by the researcher.

3.7) Limitations

Time and budget are the major constraints in this research work.


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