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The Effects of Domestic Violence on Male Victims- The Law’s Response To Ultimate Taboo


Chief work of this research is to analyze the effect of violence on man and study the different aspects which mostly affect men only. It reflects the challenges that a male has to face due to domestic violence. Motto of this research is to highlight the hidden suffering of violence that male members of family face at domestic place.And it is an evidential fact that men more than women when they face domestic violence because neither society nor the law can provide a satisfactory solution for this issue. Males often face such domestic violencewhen they face any relationship like marriage, family etc. It often becomes hard to identify the aspects where males are dominated by female member of the family or any intimate relationship. Males and females both possess different physical and mental behavior and the social norms also differ for both the genders. Though number of cases of violence on men is less as compare to violence made on women but the norms of laws and society has not yet succeeded to provide solutions in case men face violence.


Aim of this research is to discuss different types of violence in which mostly men are found victims. The research also highlights that how society and law respond towards such issues. In order to evaluate such issues, following are the points that are summed up for reaching towards a meaningful conclusion:

  • To study the issues related to domestic violence against men.
  • To study and highlight the laws which are made to protect men from such violence.
  • To analyze whether such issue is a taboo within the society or not.


  • What are the different issues related to domestic violence against men?
  • What are the laws that define protection for men against domestic violence?
  • Is violence against men really considered as taboo within the society?


Since older times, women always face discrimination and violence. Men used to assault and harass women due to their sexual appearance. Women were used as an object by men. It is the general perception of people all over the world that women do domestic work and handle or nourish children while sitting at home. Many movements and laws have been put forth for women to gain their identity as they should be given equality like men have. But it is also true that people have made it their general perception that men do not face violence. It is a taboo which has become an unnoticeable concept within the society. As per the records of British survey in the year of 2004 to 2005, 40% of men face domestic violence and this percent rose to 48.5% in between 2007 to 2008. Men face domestic violence that can of different nature or forms. Mostly men face violence because of their masculinity and also because of their intimate partners.Analysis of growing rate of domestic violence against men in the regions like United Kingdom and Britain is getting highlighted and many steps have been taken for solving such issues.Earlier, no such laws were there that could provide protection to men against such issues because the historical thinking of people didn’t allow them to think that such issues can really happen.Since earlier times, women had to suffer because of harassment by men and many laws were made by the government authorities to protect dignity of women so that they can also enjoy every fundamental right like men do. And violence against men often go unnoticed. But now many social programs are being initiated to provide equality for both men and women. With the passing of time and changes in the society, awareness programs are being generated by NGO’s and governmental authorities to minimize such issues of domestic violence. In fact, various online advice lines have been generated to provide support and help those men who are facing violence in different forms. The taboo which was prevailing during last decades that only women face violence at domestic sites is now fading out. The concept has now changed. Men also face domestic violence and they also need protection in the form of social and legal protection.


This research follows theoretical research methodology. In order to support the research with the help of statistical data, one needs to go through different journal and articles to analyze the facts. The current research can also be termed as qualitative study as it is based on facts and information about the different aspects of the research topic.On the other hand it is quantitative also because it utilizes facts in the form of statistical data.


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