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Technological Issues Affecting The Organizational Growth of Airlines Industry- Jet Airways

1. Background of the Study

Technology has now become a prime factor that can make each and every work to be completed in few minutes and due to this, it has become a basic need of every field or industry. This report deals with the analysis of hindrances faced by organizations due to the usage of technology and impact of such issues on the organizational growth by utilizing the case study airways industry.No doubt that technology is providing a great success to airlines but still there are certain factors which the industry is not able to get due the usage of technology (based on certain expectations). The current research highlights such expectations of the industry and the issue that the industry is facing by illustrating the case study of Jest Airways. In addition to this, current research report also highlightsthe ways to overcome issues for the growth of the organization. The report also highlights the factors that are indirectly related to the cause of issues with the use of technology. The research focuses on the perception of the employee of the organization about the destruction of the organization growth. Therefore, this report deals with internal as well as external factors that affect the structure of the organization – Jet Airways.

2. Aims and Objectives of the Research

Aim and objective of the research work follow as:

  • To scrutinize the useful impact of technology on the airlines industry.
  • To evaluate the factors resulting in the organizational growth in context with the technology usage.
  • To study the technology usage and its relationship with the growth of organization.
  • To analyze the major issues hindering the organizational growth.
  • To recommend some measures in order to overcome the issues.

3. Research Questions

Following is the questionnaire developed for outlining the research work:

  • What impact does technology usage produce on the operations of airline companies?
  • What are the factors that lead to the growth of the airline companies?
  • What is the role of technology and the relationship of technology with the growth factor of organizations?
  • What are the major issues that hinder the organizational growth of airline companies?
  • What measures can be taken to overcome the issues related with technology?

4. Literature Review

This chapter carries a discussion about the issues faced by organizations in airline industry due to the usage of technology and its various elements. It also highlights the usage of innovative technologies and the related strategies creating an impact on the business activities of an organization. The report focuses on the conceptual framework in order to highlight the important aspects of the research topic. The report has been directed to highlight major problems creating hindrance in the path of success of organizations. Safety measures have also been highlighted to undertake the concern of passenger’s and staff’s safety. The introduction of new technology by the organizations has made it difficult for the staff and the customers to handles such systems of technology and this is the major hindrance for the organization to grow. Therefore, the various other issues that are related with the technology usage can be preference to the technological implements by the customers, irrelevant way of handling the technological tools etc. These are some of the issues that airlines face but in general these issues are very specific for the growth of the organization. Quality of services of airline companies has now changed to a great extent, it has now increased to a great level but the actual flying experiences has put the customers in a different place. On one hand, it requires basic technological tools to carry a strong environment as well as profitability of the organization while on the other hand the cost on technology will further increase the organizational cost hindering in the progress.

5. Methodology

Primary method has been applied in this research work. Therefore, both qualitative and quantitative methods have been utilized in this research. For the qualitative data analysis interviews have been conducted with the managers of the organization. On the other hand, quantitative data analysis is utilized for observing and justifying the viewpoints and experiences of the employees. The research possess well-defined subject therefore positivism research philosophy has been approached for this research work. And for research design, exploratory research design is best suited for this report in order to deeply analyze the topic. Furthermore, the research is supported with deductive research approach which helped to interconnect the theories and models for supporting and increasing the quality of the research.

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