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Evaluate the impact of a leader’s clear focus in leading a team in the achievement of objectives

A leader is known by his/her leading skills that essentially include the way the leader manages the workforce and how efficiently utilizes their performance to achieve the respective goals. For leaving an impact on others, a leader should have a straightforward approach to the things to be done, should have clear goals in mind and should know how to command the members of the team.

The main quality a leader must have is a clear vision about the desired task. This quality surely helps to lead a team in much of a simple and an effective way. The clear vision towards the goals is achieved by using the past experiences of decision-making and practical knowledge if its there in the given situations.  If the leader itself is unsure about the ideas and the decisions, then the team following the leader will also become casual in attitude.

An effective leader takes every task as a challenge and implement with the help of the team. To complete every challenge with clear focus, the leader should have proper knowledge of the informal and the formal traits of the team. The informal traits include the communication among the members and with the leader, the relationship and the behavior of members with each other, and how the issues are handled within the team. The formal aspects are- the structure of the team and meetings, the issues related to the employment and the payments, and the flow of information among the members.

A leader has to be a person who acts as a teacher or a mentor to suggest the corrections in his or her followers. A person who doesn’t share values, ideas and goals with others can be a good leader as this will weaken the bonds between the team members and thus affecting the team performance.  Leaders focus should be to maintain a healthy working culture within the team members so that others also feel comfortable in sharing their ideas and show their participation. A leader should encourage others in getting out their unique approach towards the task. Finally a leader should see have a clear vision in achieving the objectives.

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