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LAW512 Commercial and Corporate Law for Managers, Charles Darwin University

LAW512 Commercial and Corporate Law for Managers, Charles Darwin University

Assessment Description

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Assessment Item 1: Mini-Research Essay


What exactly is the ‘corporate veil’ and does Australian law adequately address abuses of the corporate form? Give specific examples and refer to relevant legislation and case law when you discuss your answer.




Please note:

  • The maximum word length for this essay is 1,500 words. This is a research exercise, so you are expected to go beyond the prescribed textbook by locating and critically analysing primary and secondary sources. Also, follow corporate scandals that are reported in the media or mentioned in Parliament. Essays which do not demonstrate a research effort and/or which do not use the full allowable word limit are likely to be given lower marks; provide all your references.
  • Assignments must be submitted online via Learnline. No other form of submission, (such as email) will be accepted.  An assignment submitted via the draft submission link (SafeAssign check) will not be accepted as a final submission and will not be marked.  It is your responsibility to submit your final assignment in the correct way – ie, via the final submission point on Learnline;
  • Either of the CDU Harvard or AGLC referencing styles may be used, as long as you choose one style and use it consistently;


  • Plagiarism or collusion will be detected and acted upon (penalised) in accordance with CDU’s Academic Integrity Policy. You are expected to read, refer to and cite various primary and secondary sources in the course of writing your essay.  However, it is also important that you explain key arguments and points in your own words.  Avoid excessive word-for-word quotation of other literature.  Do not paraphrase another author’s work too close to the original (changing a few words in a sentence from a book or article and passing it off as your own writing is still plagiarism).


 CriteriaHDD (approx)C (approx)PF
Weighting4.25 – 53.753.252.5Less than 2.5Grade
Demonstrates an understanding of relevant legal issues and business / corporate structuresDemonstrates an excellent understanding of all the legal issues.Clear and complete identification and grasp of key concepts and legal issues.Demonstrates a sound understanding of the legal issues.Demonstrates limited understanding of the legal issues.Fails to demonstrate an understanding of the key issues and law./5
Weighting4.25 – 53.753.252.5Less than 2.5
Identification of relevant legal sources in relation to the topic for discussion. Breadth of research effort.Complete and confident discussion of broad range of relevant primary and secondary sources.Clear identification and discussion of a range of relevant sources of law pertaining to the topic.Sound identification and discussion of some key legal sources and/or literature, but research effort lacks breadth in places.Limited identification and discussion of legal issues and sources; incomplete or limited research effort.Little or no evidence of any attempt to research primary and secondary sources; inadequate research effort./5
Weighting4.25 – 53.753.252.5Less than 2.5
Critical analysis of and reflection upon the law’s effectiveness in respect of the elected topic for discussion.Exceptional critical analysis and assessment of the current law and relevant literature (including questions of possible law reform). Original insights and depth of reflection upon the topic; persuasive arguments, conclusions or recommendations.Excellent and complete analysis of the current law and existing literature. Some insight into relevant issues and/or possible areas for reform.Sound / fairly complete analysis of the law and existing debate surrounding law reform. Evidence of some reflection and critical analysis of issues.Generally satisfactory analysis of sources of law and issues, but lacking depth of reflection and/or little ‘critical’ analysis.Significantly defective analysis of the concepts of the chosen topic; no critical analysis or reflection upon key issues./5


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