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BSBMGT802 Lead design and review of enterprise systems

BSBMGT802 Lead design and review of enterprise systems


Assessment Description

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Elements and Performance Criteria


Elements describe the essential outcomes.Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.
1. Analyse effectiveness of systems to meet organisational goals1.1 Analyse organisation’s mission, direction and objectives

1.2 Determine impact of current and future market trends and business environment on organisation’s goals and operations

1.3 Specify system requirements to meet identifiable goals

1.4 Assess capacity of existing system to meet enterprise goals

1.5 Analyse existing systems to identify system strengths, weaknesses and problem areas

2. Identify and evaluate alternatives2.1 Research new, reconfigured or redesigned systems and components

2.2 Evaluate new, reconfigured or redesigned systems and components for suitability for enterprise product, feasibility and cost, and report outcomes to stakeholders

2.3 Negotiate organisational commitment to a new, reconfigured or redesigned system

2.4 Plan resource requirements and integrate into enterprise planning

3. Implement solutions3.1 Develop specifications for a new, reconfigured or redesigned system

3.2 Enable the new, reconfigured or redesigned system

3.3 Negotiate, plan and communicate an implementation strategy, including work redesign with stakeholders

3.4 Identify impact on personnel and prepare change strategies

3.5 Develop, resource and implement training plans

3.6 Ensure procedures are developed, tested and refined

4. Monitor system4.1 Establish performance criteria for the new, reconfigured or redesigned system

4.2 Collect, analyse and report performance data against system goals and performance criteria

4.3 Report and consult on progress and performance with stakeholders

4.4 Consult with stakeholders on strategies for continuous improvement to enterprise system




ACTIVITY 9.1.10.



Case Study:

A Successful ERP Implementation in an Ethiopian Company: A case Study of ERP Implementation in Mesfine Industrial Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Printouts will be provided in class:



The implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems has been known to be much more difficult than the development of a computer application supporting a single business function. In this article, the researcher presents a case study of an ERP system implementation by a medium company in Ethiopia. Mesfine Industrial Engineering (MIE) Pvt. Ltd. is a vast unrivalled metal construction and electromechanical engineering in Ethiopia, and has recently adopted and implemented an ERP system. The paper examines key dimensions of implementation of ERP system within MIE and takes an in-depth look at the issues behind the process of ERP implementation by focusing on business and technical as well as cultural issues at the heart of the MIE implementation. The case study also looks at the implementation risks and reports how MIE coped with the typical challenges that most medium organizations face when implementing an ERP system.


Q.1 What this case study about?

Q.2 What  issues relating to (business, technical and cultural) behind the implementation of ERP systems mentioned in this case study?

Q.3 How it will affect the business or a particular industry as mentioned in this case study?

Q.4 Provide your recommendations / solutions to the problems / frauds mentioned above?


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