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BSBLDR804 Influence and shape diversity management Ghanian Armed Forces

BSBLDR804 Influence and shape diversity management Ghanian Armed Forces

Assessment Description

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Develop & Implement a Diversity Policy

Develop a Diversity Plan for Recruitment for

the Ghana Armed Forces


Your Task


You have recently been appointed as a Diversity Officer in the Human Resources Department of the Ghana Armed Forces, stationed in Accra.

The HR Manager has asked you to develop a Diversity Plan for staff recruitment activities for 2017-2019.  He has provided you with three examples of Diversity Plans from Australian Government Departments to use as a guide when preparing your plan.

These include Diversity Plans from the Australian Department of Defence, Fair Work Ombudsman, Department of Agriculture and Federal Police.


The HR Manager said he is of course happy for you to consult Diversity Plans from other organisations and countries including from Ghana to help you develop the plan.


You must prepare a Diversity Plan Report and a 10 minute Powerpoint presentation on the key aspects of your Report which you will present to the Chiefs of Staff.

Prepare a Diversity Plan Report which includes and covers:-

Instructions to the Assessor:

The assessor is required to assess the case study based on the following criteria: The assessor must ensure that the trainees / students must cover the below mentioned Table of Content in their report.

  • The report should cover the major diversity issue being faced in Ghanian Armed forces.
  • Discuss different legislations that are covered for the diversity in Ghana
  • Information about the strategic planning of the origanisation i.e. (Ghanian Armed forces)
  • How will the diversity policy be integrated into the system and across operational functions
  • How the Ghanian Armed forces ensured equity, diversity, and equal opportunity during recruitment process.
  • How will the Ghanian Armed forces will monitor and review the diversity priorities and processes.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Statistics and information on diversity collected in the Ghana Armed Forces (eg., statistics, nature of complaints, information you collected – you can make some assumptions about complaints etc if you cannot access information)
  3. Stakeholders Consulted (you can make assumptions here about who you    consulted to develop  this plan)
  4. Key diversity issues identified in the Ghana Armed Forces
  5. Benefits of embracing diversity for our organisation
  6. The Diversity Plan’s Vision, Mission, Objectives & Targets (eg. EEO targets)
  7. Diversity Policies needed (how they will be embedded/introduced into the culture, and policies and procedures of the organisation (eg., policies such as flexible working conditions for work/life balance, allowing married people to join etc)
  8. Relevant Legislation for the Diversity Plan (for Australian examples see page 13 of Learner Guide – however you need to research and discuss the Legislation relevant to Ghana)
  9. Key Performance Indicators to measure the success of the Diversity Plan (design and discuss at least 5 KPIs)
  10. Diversity Action Plan – present and discuss a table which describes what the action is, as well as who will be responsible for the action, where it will be done, by when it will be completed, its estimated cost and KPI/s that will be used to monitor and assess the action’s success or otherwise
  11. Diversity Plan Implementation (how the whole plan will be implemented into the organisation)
  12. Conclusions
  13. Recommendations

Reference list



Case Study Resources

A few website sites which might be useful to review include:-

Ghana Armed Forces (official website)


Ghana Forces e-recruitment portal on Facebook

Ghana manpower and equipment

Ghana armed forces – Recruitment

Females with multiple piercings, tattoos denied joining Ghana Army


Ghana Armed Forces confirm dismissal of 500 recruits

Ghana Armed Forces reacts to reports of mass resignations (Statement)




Assignment Formatting Requirements

Diversity Plan Report

  • Please prepare the Diversity Plan Report using 12 font Times New Roman
  • Headings in bold font
  • There is no word limit on this assessment

Powerpoint Presentation Slides

  • 10 minute presentation, maximum 20 slides
  • No more than 6 dot points per slide
  • Text in points to be not less than 24 font
  • Headings to be at least 32 font
  • All material sourced from published material eg., web sites, journal articles, reports etc must be in-text referenced
  • A References slide must also be included presented in Harvard AGPS referencing style refer:-\



References to be presented in Harvard AGPS referencing style, examples are shown below.

Information on how to format the references using this style can be found at this link:-





Reference list examples (USQ 2016)


Yellow highlight indicates which text should be in italics eg., book name, journal name.



Kakadia, D & DiMambro, F 2004, Networking concepts and technology: a designer’s resource, Sun Microsystems Press, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

On-line book

Fitzgerald, FS 1920, This side of paradise, Scribner, New York, viewed 18 January 2005, <>.

On-line Journal Article (no DOI)

Rasid, ZM & Parish, TS 1998, ‘The effects of two types of relaxation training on students’ levels of anxiety’, Adolescence, vol. 33, no. 129, pp. 99-101, viewed 23 September 2007, <>.

On-line journal (with DOI)

Radford, M (2001). ‘Aesthetic and religious awareness among pupils: Similarities and differences’, British Journal of Music Education, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 151-159. doi:10.1017/s0265051701000249.

Conference Proceedings

Trump, A 1986, ‘Power play’, Proceedings of the third annual conference, International Society of Power Engineers, Houston, Texas, pp. 40-51.


The Body Shop Australia 2003, The Body Shop Australia, Mulgrave, Victoria, viewed 31 January 2003, <>.

Web document


Wright, S 2004, Open area test site (OATS) development, undergraduate project, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, viewed 27 March 2007,>.


Anderson, J (Minister for Transport and Regional Services) 2000, CASA approves avgas contamination test, media release, 23 January, Department of Transport and Regional Services, Canberra, viewed 7 February 2000, <>.

Web document (no author)


Educating America for the 21st century: developing a strategic plan for educational leadership by Columbia University 1993-2000 (initial workshop draft) 1994, draft workshop report, Institute for Learning Technologies, Columbia University, viewed 16 May 1995,

In text reference examples


Carlson and Jones (1990) obtained results which   xxxxx

A recent study found that  xxxxx  (Carlson & Jones 1990).

Research has found that xxxxxx (Smith & Jones 2006, p. 45).  Include page number in citation if a book.




Australian Government Department of Defence (AGDOD) 2014, Defence Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2012-2017, Defence Publishing Service, June, Publication ID DPS:JUL022/13.

Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman (AGFWO) 2013, Fair Work Ombudsman Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2013-2016, April.

Australian Government Department of Agriculture (AGDOA) n.d., Diversity Strategy and Action Plan 2015-18.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) 2010, Workforce Diversity Plan:  Recognising and encouraging diversity within the AFP, October.






End of Case Study

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