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BSBLDR804 Influence and shape diversity management Activity 2

BSBLDR804 Influence and shape diversity management Activity 2

Assessment Description

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Q.6. A diverse workforce can give a company a ___________________

Q.7. The combination of different _________________, ________________ and ideas can enhance the workplace environment and help drive ________________.

Q.8. Building _________________ into the hiring process is an important component of a _______________________ plan.

Q.9. A company’s hiring policy should incorporate ________________________guidelines.

Q.10. An effective strategy incorporates diversity ______________ in the workplace.

Q.11. _____________________and ____________values should also reflect a company’s diversity strategy.

Q.12. To embrace a more diverse workplace, companies must review polices on ______________, ________________ and employee communication.

Q.13. To take advantage of the synergy that diversity brings to the workplace, companies must develop long term ______________ and __________________.

Q.14. By incorporating diversity as an _______________, companies can better prepare themselves to face the _________________.

Q.15. A ________________________ also allows employees to get to know each other and develop an appreciation for each other outside of work.

Q.16. Disagreements that arise because of _____________________ must be handled promptly and swiftly as to not decrease ____________________ in the workplace.

Q.17. When investigating a _______________, be fair, objective and factual in the process.

Q.18. Another way to improve communication in the workplace is to assign employees to _______________________ groups to work on ______________tasks, ________________ teamwork and helping employees understand each other.

Q.19. The organizations should have “________________”, “open mind”, ”____________”, “empathy”, “awareness of the ______________” when it comes to managing cultural diversity and “see it as an asset”.

Q.20. The managers who honestly believe in diversity tend to highlight on the ____________ and see the positive side of the ______________ cultural diversity has on the organization.


Article to read in class: Diversity Management is the key to growth: Make it Authentic by Glenn Llopls.                             (Will be provided in class)

After reading the article make a presentation of 5 – 8 minutes on “Why the Diversity Management is the key to growth in today’s fiercely competitive market place”. And quote relevant examples.

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