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Effects of marketing strategy and performance on globalization: Intel

1. Introduction

This report elaborates the topic of effects of marketing strategy of Intel and their performance which is influencing the process of globalization. The report further highlights the aims and objective that will be discussed along with which the hypothesis method will help to know the strategies adopted by the companies. The collected information will also help to discuss that how well the marketing strategies are adjusted by the company in the global market.

1.1  Aim of the Research Work

The main focus of this research study is to collect the information regarding the implementation of strategies by the company in their international market. It also analyses the capability of the company to cope with the new marketing strategies adopted by them for global expansion.

1.2 Objectives of the Research Work

The main objective of this research study is to highlight the strategies adopted by the company and also to see that how well they are fit into such strategies for their global expansion. The objectives of the research work follows as:

  • To specify the strategy that will be required by the company for globalization.
  • To elaborate the strategies that will be best suited for the company.
  • To advise the best strategy for implementation in the organizational structure of the company.

1.3 Hypothesis

H0: the self-satisfaction level of the company for maintaining image in the international market

H1: A good affectionate relationship need to be maintained by the company with the suppliers and dealers of international market.

2. Literature Review:

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter the main points will be discussed about the strategies adopted by the company and how well these strategies are best for global expansion of the company. Along with that the topics that will be discussed or highlighted in this section of literature review is the marketing and the globalization cooperation, internationalization and supportive arrangements among the companies or firms and chapter summary.

2.2 Marketing and globalization cooperation

When a company needs to have global expansion there are some marketing strategies which become necessary for the company to adopt in order to expand the business at international level. And when the company will be importing raw materials from the international market, there is a need for the company to maintain a good relationship with the suppliers so that they supply best suited products (and of good quality) and maintains a good level of company in the market. (Santos-Vijande, and Trespalacios, 2012).

2.4 Chapter Summary

The topics which have been discussed in the literature division of the research study are mainly the strategies adopted by the company, company’s organization structure for coping with the demands of international market and the maintenance of the relationship with the suppliers at international level. (Leonidou, and Zeriti, 2013).

3. Research Methodology:

3.1 Research Design

For the research design the process followed is the question method which will further help to complete the whole research and with the help of which conclusion will also be approached.

3.2 Research Philosophy

The main focus of the researcher is on the positive part of the research study as they have mainly focused on the marketing strategies and global cooperation adopted or followed by the company. It also focuses on the global expansion and along with that the support the company is getting from the global market (Hitt, and Hoskisson, 2012).

3.3 Data Collection Method

The questionnaire method has been chosen for the collection of information for this research study along with that an interview session has also been conducted with the help of which it will be acknowledge that how the companies have adjusted themselves within the new market and the strategies. So for accomplishment of this approach the interview session and the questionnaire method is the best way for collection of data or information.(Fang, and Beamish, 2013).

3.4 Sample size

The sample size chosen for this research study is in the form of cluster method. There are 20 people for each sample of group and thus the whole research study has been done accordingly. Each group will contain answers of the well-prepared questionnaire and the interview session will be conducted from the higher authorities who possess a good idea of implementations and challenges of adopting marketing strategies while having expansion of business at international level.(Gabrielsson, and Seppälä, 2012)

3.5 Research Ethics:

Research Ethics are the ethical issues that come forward when people participate in any kind of research. These ethics can be social, legal and political which are raised while having any research. The research ethics provide helpful procedure to pursue with the research.(Morgan, and Vorhies, 2012).

3.6 Limitation:

For this research work, the methods used are the questionnaire method and the interview session on the basis of which data has been collected. So, it might seem that the data collected from such sources or methods is not enough due to which the researcher has to search for more information which will be included in the research study. (Hagen, and De Giovanni, 2012).


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