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Consumer’s response on Online Marketing Schemes: A Case Study on EBay

1. Introduction

In this topic of study, there will be discussion on online marketing schemes. With the improvement and increase in science and technology, dependency of people on various features of technology has also increased. Even consumers have started using online sites rather than visiting the shops. The online features of the websites of different companies are now much more potential to attract the customers. This has led to the development of more and more online marketing strategies. So the companies are also hiring individuals for managing marketing schemes. This remarks a best way to attract new customers and maintain relationship with potential customers. For the satisfaction of customers, the hypothesis method has been used. The responses of the customers give rise to positive and negative impact on the marketing schemes.

1.1 Aim of the Research Work

The aim of the research work is to have positive response on the topic of study as it will provide an idea to the companies that how the consumers are taking their schemes. It will further let the companies to know about the viewpoint of the customers as other companies are also following the online activities to attract the customers. This viewpoint will allow the companies to go through the psychology of the consumers so that a level of competition can be maintained.

1.2 Objectives of the Research Work

The main objective of this report is to design the marketing schemes in such a way that will provide a viewpoint to the companies about the need of customers so that customers provide good response to the new marketing schemes introduced by the companies.

  • To discover the attitude of the customers on the new online schemes of the online companies.
  • To have critical assessment of the reaction of the customers on the new schemes introduced by online companies.
  • Respond accordingly towards the reaction and the feedback of the consumers.

1.3 Hypothesis

The hypothesis done on the literature review of the research study follows as:

H0: Response of the customers on the marketing schemes.

H1: Satisfaction of the customers

Marketing Dissertation Topics

2. Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

Connected models and theories related to the topic of study have been used in this chapter of the research study. In a brief, the detailed organization of the concept has been examined. This chapter of research primarily focuses on evolution of marketing schemes that the online companies are following and their relationship with their customers regarding the new schemes and services offered by the companies. The topic being focused in this chapter is the response of customers and analysis of marketing schemes and chapter summary.

2.2 Response of Customers

Online companies follow different types of market research when it is about getting the response of customers. Response from the side of customers gives a slight idea that how the customers are benefiting or adopting their schemes and also tells about any kind of change online companies need to adopt. Thus, it is highly recommended to know the idea of customers as it will allow the online companies to focus on highly beneficial and need schemes only. (Robertson, and Kandampully,2012).

2.3 Evolution of marketing schemes

Idea or viewpoint from the side of customers has made a path of benefit for the online companies. The companies have now brought lot of changes regarding the schemes and products provided to the customers. Companies have now started leaning the likes or dislikes of customers. This further is letting the companies to maintain a good relationship with their customers. (Jiang, and Jun, 2013).

2.4 Chapter Summary

In the theories elaborated in the literature review with further support the topic of research. The primary aim is to satisfy the customers with their needs.

3. Research Methodology:

3.1 Research Design

The data used for the collection of information is mainly in the form of questions. Researcher can make or give a total review of the whole research work after collecting the data based on information collected from questions. (Cobb, and Cobb, 2013)

3.2 Research Philosophy

The main focus of the researcher is on the positive side of the research study. The two main parts has been focused in this research study. One is the feedback of the consumers on the marketing schemes acquired by the online companies and the other one is the satisfaction of the consumers (the level up to which they are satisfied).

3.3 Data Collection Method

Though the data collection has been done only with the help of questions, questionnaire and interviews can also be conducted to understand the viewpoint of the customers for the marketing schemes acquired by the online companies.

3.4 Sample size

Cluster sample ha been chosen for the research study. As then there will be no categorization of groups and then the interview can be conducted from both types of people , those who are aware of the online marketing schemes and approaches and those who primarily vote for offline marketing (Line, and Runyan, 2012).

3.5 Research Ethics:

In this research topic the main points include the response of the customers, satisfaction of the customers from online marketing and rely of the customers on online companies. Thus, throughout the collection of data for the topic of research, the researcher maintain a the ethics.(Brasel, and Hagtvedt, 2015).

3.6 Limitation:

The quantitative data technique has been chosen for collection of the data. Questionnaire has been prepared so that the data collection can be done more precisely. As the study focuses on online companies so, the shopping behavior of the consumers will also matter to the online companies as this information will provide a viewpoint to them. (Stoeckl, and Luedicke, 2015).


Marketing is something which should not be overlooked by any business firm and this has been the main reason that most of the management students look forward to undertake their dissertations and thesis in the area of marketing so as to effectively make a marketing dissertation that could help to better understand the marketing concepts.

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