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Role of Information Technology in the Human Resource Management: A Case Study on IBM

1. Introduction

This research report there is a discussion about the role of information system in the sector of human resource management system. In this chapter, along with the aim and objectives, there will be discussion about hypothesis which will help to gather knowledge about the requirement of information technology in human resource.

1.1 Aim of the Research Work

The aim of this research is to work on the positive side of the implementation of information technology system on the human resource management. This IT system will further help the human resource management to maintain data as per their requirement with ease and comfort. The primary aim of this research is to dig on these useful impacts.

1.2 Objectives of the Research Work

  • To study the outcomes of theinformation system in the Human Resource department of organizations.
  • To work on resolving the issues related to the data storage.
  • To suggest the best technological implements for the better performance of organization.

1.3 Hypothesis

  • The IT system helps the employees to perform better in the organization.
  • The performance of employees and the technology system – these two have no common relationship in HR department.

2. Literature Review:

2.1 Introduction

In this chapter, the literature review regarding the topic of research will be discussed. Literature Review is further summarized in following: the IT revolution, rising requirements of IT expertise and chapter summary.

2.2 The IT Revolution

Information technology is one of rising sectors which has become the basic need in every another industry or sector. Use of information technology has increased the working capacity of human beings than before, it has now become much easier to collect huge amount of information in a single device and avoided stress due to manual arrangements. Not only this, IT development has helped the organizations to enhance their economic factors.

2.3 Rising requirements of IT expertise among all types of vocations

According to Ulrich, 2013, employees must know the basics of computer but if they do not have knowledge regarding the use of systems then they should be provided with vocational training from the side of organization.

2.3 Chapter Summary

In this chapter, theories have been discussed based on the benefits of information technology and the changes due to information technology in organization. Along with this, the impact of information technology on the life of humans have also been discussed that how they have produced changes than earlier.

3. Research Methodology:

3.1 Research Design

Research Design helps to answer the question like what topic to be searcher, from where the search for the research topic should be started, what steps or information should be involved to make a stable research report etc. In this research expensive tools and Accurate & existing data have been used to gather information regarding the topic of research.

3.2 Research Philosophy

The primary focus is on the positivism part of the study. The data has been collected with the help of feedback from the employees which will further help the organization to judge whether decisions taken by them is good for their employees or not.

3.3 Data Collection Method

Interviews and questionnaires has been prepared for the collection of data. Questionnaire has been prepared for collection of information from the feedback of employees while interviews have been conducted for the senior post employees to collect information from their experiences.

3.4 Sample size

Cluster sampling has been used for this research. The questionnaires of employees will help the researcher to obtain feedback which interview of senior employees will help to obtain information based on their experiences regarding usage of informational technology in their work. So, the data has been collected with the sample size of 25 members.

3.5 Research Ethics

Ethics has to be maintained by researcher while collecting information from the employees about the usage of IT in their work. According to Snell,andBohlander, 2015, researcher has to maintain ethics while doing research work otherwise the researcher is liable to provide penalty for doing unethical things.

3.6 Limitation

The researcher has chosen certain constrains which gained success in itself. In the hypothesis, it was stated that with the implementation of information technology, the working capacity of employees has increased and the way of working has now become easier than earlier which is well established. But in case of any problem regarding the server then the work of employees will get disrupted until the server regains connection. So, in order to avoid this, organizations must provide the services of updated technology to their employees.

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