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How advertising influences consumer behavior


In present times, marketing is incomplete without the use of advertisements. Advertisements play an important role in influencing the behavior of the customers or buyers. This research focuses on the advertisements adopted and implemented by the Samsung Company to attract and increase the number of customers.

1.1Aims of Research

The aim of the research is to analyze the behavior of consumers under the influence of customers. This study also focuses on creating awareness among the customers about different types of advertisements. Samsung company is one of those companies which is following the trend of advertisement on social networking sites in order to attract the customers.

1.2Objectives of Research

This research will help to understand the perception of the customers and also the brand value. The objectives of the research follow as:

  • To critically analyze the impact of advertisements on the behavior of the buyers.
  • To evaluate the strength of advertisements in making consumer buzz or attracting more and more customers (no matter how much they need the product).


It is confirmed that the advertisements have created their impact on the customers. Based on the topic of research, hypothesis of the research follows as:

  • Positive influence of advertisements on the behavior of the customers.
  • Negative influence of advertisements on the behavior of the customers.

Literature Review

In this chapter, theories and models based on influence of customers by the use of advertisements will be discussed. Accurate and in-depth information will be discussed that will help the researcher to infer important key points.

2.2 Branding and advertisement:

Brand of any product creates an image of the product in the mind of the customers. Brand is like a blueprint print of any exam questions paper which speaks lot about the product. In present scenario, people go for branded products to have a good quality and worth purchasing. There are four principles of marketing strategies that can be followed by the companies to create impact on the mind of customers. These principles are:

  • Clear business objectives from the side of the company.
  • Continuity in terms of innovation and creativity to attract and create trustworthy relationship with the customers.
  • Introducing new strategies in marketing from time to time.
  • To create open asset in the market place.

These four principles are helpful for any company to create impact on the customers and have global expansion of the business.

2.3 Impact of Branding on consumers:

In present times, the need and the desire of the customers changes according to the fashion trends. So Samsung Company needs to adopt innovative ideas and strategies to directly attack the mind of the customers that can trigger them to purchase the introduced products. In such situation, branding plays an important role. It is now very important for companies to satisfy the need of customers.

2.4 Summary

Advertisements act as a mode of communication for any organization where the advertisement need to be enough attractive and enough transparency should be there that could create the trust of the brand or any organization in the mind of the customers. Advertisements should be produced or made in such a way that can create the good image of the brand as there has been increasing competition among all the companies for such strategies.

Research Methodology

3.1 Introduction

Advertisement has now become a part of marketing that is a major source to attract new customers. Advertisements force the customer to think about the need of the product. In this chapter, the researcher will collect the data for the research topic and will try to conclude the research within limitations.

3.2 Research approach

The researcher will create a connection between the theories and models to interpret the conclusion of the research topic. Samsung Company is marketing its products with the help of advertisements. People generally use television and Internet on daily basis. Advertisements telecast & broadcast on television and Internet. Samsung Company is also following the same approach to reach maximum number of customers.

3.3 Data Collection

There are two types of data collection methods – primary data collection method and the secondary data collection method. The researcher can collect the primary data can be collected from different customers by conducting surveys or questionnaire on them. And secondary data can be collected from online websites, books, articles etc.

3.4 Sample Size

The researcher has conducted questionnaire on 60 randomly selected customers from different markets or market areas.

3.5 Ethical Consideration

The researcher will follow the standardized ethics to perform the task of completing the research within time limit and with complete satisfaction.

3.6 Limitation

Limitations in this research were the time, money and reliability. Since the data collection was done by conducting surveys and searching on online websites; the material can change as per the need of time.

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