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Employee Profile Management System: A Case Study on Wall Mart

1. Introduction

This research study focuses on the employee profile management system of wall mart. The technology is changing day-by-day and Wall Mart is one of those companies which always adapt such new changes in technology and processes. The research also discuss about the importance of employee management system while having the case study of Wall Mart.

1.1 Aim of research

Primary aim of this research is to scrutinize the importance of employee profile management system in Wall Mart. Apart from this; the research also aims to highlight the reasons behind such implementations by the company.

1.2 Objective of research

Objectives of this research follow as:

  • To study the impact of employee profile management system on the operations of Wall Mart.
  • To analyze the effectiveness of database management system in managing the profile management system.
  • To determine the importance of the process in Wall Mart company.
  • To study the benefits that the company is facing after the implication of such management system.

1.3 Hypothesis

  • Wall Mart possess implementation of the employee profile management system.
  • Wall Mart does not possess implementation of the employee profile management system.

2. Literature review

2.1 Introduction

Employee profile management system is an application of human resource (HR) management. With the changein technology, Wall Mart is also accepting such changes within its organization. So the company has implemented the employee profile management system that makes the company to keep a record of its employees in a proper way. It, therefore, help in reducing the organizational cost of database.

2.2 Analysis of employee profile management system in Wall mart

Grabner (2013) stated that employee profile management system helps to store or retain the information regarding each employee in separated form. Therefore, it helps organization to have reduction in administrative and operational cost. In such system the details of each employee is stored in the form of directory. On the other hand, database is stored in the directory form that helps to integrate the whole data. But this system allows or permits employees to make corrections like the personal details. Wall Mart possesses huge population of employees and in such companies it becomedifficult to maintain separate database for each employee. That is why, the company followed such changes.

2.3 Importance of employee profile management system in Wall mart

Employee profile management system plays vital role in maintaining the details of each employee in separated form and in a proper way also. It stores the information in a directory so the storage of the information becomes easy. It also reduces the cost of organization as compared to traditional method of profile management system. It also helps in storing the information like workflow of the employees and their leave applications. If an employee wants to take a leave, he or she can directly drop an application on the portal of human resource department. Thus the employees and the human resource department both can administer the employee profile management system.

2.4 Summary

Employee profile management system has many advantages in itself but it can be operated from both sides, i.e. from HR department’s side and from employee’s side also. Wall Mart has implemented the system for reducing operational and administrative cost.


3 Research Methodology

3.1 Research approach

The research approach utilized for this research is bottom to up approach that helps to analyze the report at each and every step.

3.2 Research design

Descriptive research design has been used in this research work. The research design acts as a blueprint of the whole research that further provides a frame about the whole study.

3.3 Research philosophy

Research philosophy helps to complete the research with proper information and knowledge. The research philosophy utilized for this research work is participatory research philosophy.

3.4 Data collection approach

Data has been collected via primary and secondary data collection method. Primary data is collected from the employees of Wall Mart whereas secondary data is collected from online and offline sources.

3.5 Sample Size

10 employees designated at middle-level and 15 employees at higher designations have been interviewed for the collection of primary data.

3.6 Research ethics

The research is concluded with the successful implication of ethics and laws.

3.7 Limitation

Major limitations of this research work are time and budget constraints.


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