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E-Commerce Challenges And Solutions


Most of the businesses prefer to start their e-commerce websites for increasing their productivity and performance as well. E-commerce is related to buying, selling and exchanging the products over the use of internet. It allows people to choose their desired products, pay online, file any query, review any product and exchange any product, all is possible when the basic source, i.e. internet is available. But it needs technological support that is needed to be taken care before actually handling e-commerce business. E-commerce safety measure is a section that directly controls or handles the whole e-business. The safety measures look after data security, computer security, and the other extensive domain of information security arrangement. Security is the most important factor because it enhances the trust of clients on the business or the e-commerce websites. It involves securing the data of the client and providing enough space to the client that he or she can use the site without any stress. Mobile businesses have now become the major concern in the field of innovation. Concern about safety measures, e-enrollment innovation and counting business gas really affected customers. Security is the chief concern proceeding with uncertainties that has further limited associations among clients and the business. Electronic industries are tending towards their security system and are approaching for inward systems. This report examines the electronic businesses and results of their useful approaches. Furthermore, the objectives are set to analyze e-commerce businesses, the obstacles or hindrances they face and to examine the relationship between the two factors – hindrances in e-business execution and e-exchange execution results.


Aims and objectives of the research follow as:

  • To scrutinize the challenges faced by companies or organizations while setting-up e-commerce business.
  • To evaluate the issues related to the utilization of e-commerce and determine the security problems that the companies are facing after the implementation of e-commerce.
  • To analyze and recommend some safety measures that companies can (or have) adoptfor successful implementation of e-commerce.


Based on the aim and objectives of the research work, following are the research questions that have been found appropriate for the better understanding of the research topic:

  • What are the challenges faced by companies or organizations while setting-up e-commerce business?
  • What are the issues related to the utilization of e-commerce?
  • What are the security problems companies facing after the implementation of e-commerce?
  • What are the security measures that an organization can take for successful implementation of e-commerce?


Safety is one of the prime concern now days that has limited association among businesses and with the clients also.Survey of the accessible writings have demonstrated that there is a limited availability of papers concentrating on the handling of issues related with the proper execution of e-commerce specially in the areas of china particularly in Inner Mongolia. Security of the trade is the primary and the inside issue of the change in electric business which is further highlighted in this research work. This paper is in regards with the analysis ofsecurity problems of electronic business and its related activities, keeping in mind the development and the structure of the whole business. It also highlights to conquer the issues while keeping the end goals of the business in mind so as to upgrade the changes, growth and development of the electronic businesses. The electronic business posses a little confused history. It was started in the late 1990’s and the trade is associated with three periods which are advancement, merging and rehash periods. Our primary motto is to investigate the development and attain some clarity so that it can help to work well while trading in electronic business. Moreover, it also focuses on the trust factor that e-commerce website proprietor’s have developed in the heart of clients and have made the clients their visitors by adopting security systems.


This research is based on the whole analysis of diverse parts of electronic businesses and the results obtained by their implementation.To understand the obstacles & hindrances that the companies face due to the usage of electric business and the analysis of usage of e-commerce arrangements is the primary target of this investigation work.The report also focuses to highlight relationship between e-commerce business execution and the results obtained from the execution of such kind of business. Thus, in order to highlight these factors Quantitative ideal model has been utilized. And under this model, the primary strategy that has been adopted is Cross-Sectional Descriptive Research Design.


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