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If one need to understand the resources of personal finance then the net worth and household cash is must to be examined.

Net worth = net assets-net liabilities of the household


The largest expense among all is tax planning and so it is very essential to manage the tax which has to be paid. Many different schemes have been initiated by the government which really helps in saving the tax. The most commonly used tax approach used by many developed countries is the progressive tax approach. Different tax rates are there for different tax brackets. So, if one will be able to understand the myriads of tax then only it will be fruitful.


Different types of risks and long term care is covered under this segment like, property, disability, death, health etc. to cover all these risks, insurance plans should be purchased because with the help of insurance plans major areas of life will be covered and that too at a very nominal cost. For this one should consult a professional because an expert can only guide you regarding the tax one can save under the various insurance plans.


Planning is very essential for every business to survive like financial planning of a business helps them to know the financial status and thus they can plan their future actions to achieve their goals in an effective and efficient manner same ways personal finance is also very important to know your personal financial status so that future actions related to personal expenditures can be planned well like purchasing a car, educational expense, planning a holiday, starting a new venture and many more. If there comes the stage of inflation all the calculations go wrong. An efficient tax planner is one who maintains a balance between the assets and regular savings also so it is very essential to invest the money in different portfolios to overcome the effects of inflation.


Another important area of planning comes the stage of retirement. It is very important to manage the personal finance so that one can live a healthy lifestyle even after the retirement.


There is a tax which is due to the state or federal government at the time of death and generally all the assets are passed on to their heirs.


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