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Nursing Case Study

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Writing Nursing Case Study Assignment Help



Professional courses nowadays have attained some qualitative value. In other words, a person needs to deeply dig into the knowledge of that particular profession. Professional courses are not just about winning a degree; it is about having a bulk of knowledge in hand. Furthermore, such courses like MBA, Nursing course, and other higher education subjects require a lot of determination or persistence. There are a number of universities who are providing best options for such courses with proper facilities of guidance for syllabus and other educational work. On the other hand, such courses require students to attain professionalism while maintaining some dissertations or research work, assignments, essays etc. These nursing assignments further validate the caliber of such professional students.

What is Nursing Case Study?

A nursing case study is all about having deep learning of the condition of the patient. It is highly required for the nursing students to follow practice sessions in order to attain knowledge of course. A nursing case study allows nursing students to apply their theoretical or bookish knowledge to real circumstances. It further enhances the tendency of students to reach towards a particular conclusion along with some suggestions or recommendations for the improvement of patient’s quality of life.

Writing a nursing case study assignment

  1. Goals of treatment or nursing plan.
  2. Interventions (made to increase the quality of life of the patient).
  3. Evaluation of the current treatment plan.
  4. Suggestions or recommendations

Evaluation and recommendations need to be unique and different. It is however bit challenging that requires ‘thinking out of the box’ as the evaluators generally look for this section while providing grades or scores to the student. This section shows real work to be done by you. Evaluators look for such ideas and techniques that can help them to select a best one out of millions of students.

Format for writing Nursing Case Study Assignment

The following format provides an overview of writing a nursing case study assignment:

  1. TITLE: First start your work by presenting title for your research paper in a good font and size.
  2. Writing an Abstract: Abstract provides a review of the whole research work. It can be in the form of summary that is going to be further described in other sections. Writing an abstract follows different styles. It can be narrative as well as structured. Narrative style is concerned with summarizing the whole content like a flow of story but it doesn’t contain any headline or heading. Structured style of writing abstract is same as that of narrative but the difference is that it contains headings or sub-headings. Sub-headings or sub-sections of structured abstract can be introduction, case presentation, discussion, outcome etc.
  3. How to write an introduction: The introduction part must answer the question: Why you choose only this particular case for making your report or assignment? Furthermore, the answer should provide clear idea about the choice of the researcher. No confusion should be there.
  4. Presenting a case or case presentation: It should contain the data related to the initial symptoms, conditions or complaints of the patient along with complete detail of the results from the examinations done during early stages or related to medication history.
  5. Describing the whole management process and its outcomes: This section deals with the description of treatment or care plan, outcomes of those plans including both positive and negatives responses and the improvement shown by the patient due to such care plans.
  6. Discussion: It may include the questions that are identified or raised during the whole research work. This case is sophisticated as it can speak about persons involved in planning a good treatment or care for the patient.
  7. Acknowledgement is used to thank those persons who were directly or indirectly involved in assisting your work. And those persons can be your colleagues, mentors, guiders, instructors or teachers.
  8. Referencesshould provide clear justification that should not exceed more than 15 in numbers.
  9. Writing a good and quality content under the section of legends with sufficient information about tables, figures, photographs etc. used in the manuscript.
  10. Permission letter in case you have borrowed tables, photographs, figures or quotes from any publisher and permission letter from the patient with photo should also be within the documentations that can identify him or her.

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