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FIN-571 Corporate Finance Assignment Help with Phoenix University Coursework



FIN/571 Foundation of Corporate Finance allows you to earn up to three university credits University of Phoenix. We provide UOP Assignment help service because this course provides you an understanding and the application of the concepts of the Corporate Finance. This class also runs for six weeks where you will learn all the concepts step by step. The class expects you to complete several different activities every week, including the team learning activities, a reflection paper, quizzes, and exams. Our assignment help experts can help you in the best possible manner to handle the whole coursework including all the related activities. We consider all the assignments as our own assignments, and we make assignments keeping in mind to attain the maximum possible marks.
Learning objectives and activities of each Week
  • Week 1: Foundations of Finance: Like all other courses, it is also an introductory week that provides you an overview of the course and the concepts that you will be learning in these six weeks. It provides you a gist of the concepts that you are expected to use during the class. Along with the substantive participation posts, and quizzes, you are also required to write a paper on the business structures, or in simple words, the forms of business organizations. There are two learning videos that you need to watch to determine the different business structures.
  • Week 2: Financial Statement Analysis: The second week is a bit difficult as compared to the previous one. Here you will be given a business case where you will have to act as a consultant and provide you expert advice. Additionally, you have to complete your quizzes, participation posts, and a learning team reflection activity, where you will be paired in groups to work as a team.
  • Week 3: Working Capital Management: This week, you will be expected to interpret the financial results as per the financial statements provided to you. These results need to be interpreted according to the short-term and long-term financial needs of the business.
  • Week 4: Business Valuation: This week you will have to work with financial formulas. You will be required to calculate the intrinsic value of the stock, future values of the cash flows, Net present value, etc. A proforma statement will be provided to you for analysis. Quizzes and participations posts are also required to be completed.
  • Week 5: Capital Financing and Risk Analysis: This week expects you to complete the WileyPLUS assignment and a quiz that is based on the concepts of Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and CAPM. An overview of the principles of capital budgeting will also be provided. This week is a bit hectic, but our assignment experts can easily de-stress you with their expertise.
  • Week 6: Applications of Finance: The final week has the FIN/571 Final Examination and an assignment on working capital simulation. Both carry a lot of marks of the overall class. You can seek help from our UOP assignment experts who can help you to sail through all the problems or issues that you may find hard to complete.
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