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About Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Management Assignment:

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Supply Chain Management

The supply chain refers to the set of three or more firms linked directly by one or more upstream and downstream flows of products, finances, services, and information by a source to a customer. The supply chain management is a management of relationships for achieving better results for all the parties involved in supply chain. There are three main concepts of supply chain management:

  • Network Structure
  • Business Processes
  • Management


The network structure includes the major collaboration partners in the supply chain and the relationship among them. Supply chain management assignment help focuses on available resources for gaining competitive advantage. The strong coordination is needed to serve all the stakeholders in best possible manner. It includes

  • Relationship that a business want to lead and coordinate.
  • Relationship that need to be monitored.
  • Relationship that business does not consider critical.
  • Relationship to other supply chains.

Business Processes includes all the activities and flows of useful information that are associated with dealing with material and products or services with the help of supply chain and on to consumers. Processes such as ordering process, supply process, customer service process are examples of business processes.

Ordering processes is a good example of business process. Ordering process consist all the activities that are connected with taking the order of the customer. The total time involved between all the activities from customer placing the order to customer receiving the desired product is known as order cycle. 

Another good example of business process is supply. It involves all the activities right from choosing the vendor, arriving to an agreement to continued organizing of purchasing. Creating a framework or contracts enables optimization of all supply processes. Exchanging of information about product plans, inventories, sales forecast prevent repetitive procedures.

Customer service consist services before, during, and after sales. Pre-sale services include advising the customer, easily accessible product information, etc. During sale services include short order cycle and electronically accessible delivery system, etc. After-sales services include customer support and assistance in product use and maintenance etc. Our experts all always there for you to help in receiving best grades in all your Supply Chain Management Assignments and Homework.