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Structure of a Business Report

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Business Report Structure

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Business Report Structure

Business is one of the most sought after careers in the world. This is because it is said to provide the largest number of returns to the individuals that are engaged. This is the reason as to why more and more people are looking after ways through which they can establish a successful business and that is why they are trying to make sure that they are able to become educated in the field as much as possible. It is because this growing popularity of the business that now more and more universities are bringing a number of different courses through which they are able to make sure that an individual can be well versed in the business language.

While studying business the one thing which is often taught to students is how to make a business report. A business report is something which is created so that the audience which needs to be targeted by an organization can be well identified. A business report is the one which should consist of data through which the management of an organization is able to make good and informed decisions about their business organizations. It is through this report that most of the problems which a particular business is facing can be eradicated.

The first thing which should be kept in mind while creating a business report is that it should be clear and well structured so that it can be interpreted properly and also so that it could be used in the most effective manner.

Structure of Business Report

All the business reports which have been created will have different aims as well as objectives. This the reason due to which the content in each of the report cannot really be same and has to be put together in an extremely careful manner so that the objectives of the organization can be well defined.

  1. Title: The first thing which should be included in the report is the title which would indicate as to what the report is all about.
  2. Table of Contents: The next thing which should be included in the report and should be taken care of a in a proper manner is the content of the report. The content which would be included in the report should be done in such a way that it is not very lengthy and also not very short. It should be clear and precise and should exactly what the report is trying to convey.
  3. Executive Summary: Executive summary is the next thing which should be included in the report and is that section which will state as to what the report stated in a short form.
  4. Introduction: The introduction will provide the background information of the topic on which the report is being made.
  5. Procedure: Procedure is that section of the report wherein the different methods which have been used to undertake the report will be taken into consideration.
  6. Findings: Lastly the findings section would be the one which would help in bringing out all of the findings which have been able to be gathered through the research with the relevant amount of data. Remember that the overall objective of the business report is focused on providing the best solution to a problem that has been raise within a business, and hence, you can include an evaluation of the alternatives which are available and identify the best alternative out of it. You may also facilitate the reader to be able to refer further readings, if you are unable to include them within your report. 
  7. Conclusions: This section should list all the major inferences that you have drawn from the findings and the proposed recommendations. This section will sum up the assessment of the existing situation on the basis of your observations, findings and propose future plan of action. 
  8. References: This section should contain all of the external references that you have used in your report and the list of the references should always be in alphabetical order which would mention all of the resources in details. Whenever you have used any information from a book, articles, journals, periodicals, etc. you are liable to include the references of the sources of the information in your report. 


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