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Need help to write a case for my marketing problem assignment

Need help to write a case for my marketing problem assignment

Marketing Assignment Help

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Case study write-up
A business case is a narrative of a business situation as faced by a person or unit in a particular organization. Cases contain background information about the organization, product/service, market etc and relevant data and facts available to the key person in the case – the protagonist -who is the decision maker. The case write up would be similar to the cases you have worked on throughout your MBA program. The major difference would be that in this case you would be required to develop a case rather than analyze the case.
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Case write-ups should be of around 10-15 pages (1.5 spacing, well formatted, with 12 pt font size) including appendices. Below are some more specific guidelines: Guidelines The first page should include:
1) A case synopsis,
2) The target audience
3) Teaching objectives.
Initial preparation work should draw on public information from annual reports, corporate press releases, newspaper articles, sales reports, market research reports etc. This would help to write about the organization background and point you to the marketing issue. You can then meet one or more key persons in the organization and invite them to recount events from their own standpoint and offer their own interpretations.
If you have been working in the organization you can use what you already know to identify the issue. You can also include a brief description of the industry history, social/cultural/economic context if this would help in understanding the business climate at the time of the case.
Clearly frame the problem and objectives as you see them (support your conclusions with a clear arguments and any analysis of the data that you deem necessary). If any quantitative analysis is implied by the case or the questions, it should be performed and the implications of the results stated clearly.  Do not waste space by restating the facts of the case. Introduce facts only as evidence to support your framing of the problem or analysis. Include suggested questions to be answered (the case dilemmas).
Include a 1-2 pages solution (suggest specific steps that can be taken to address the problems and support your conclusions with clear reasoning and data analysis).  You will be assessed based on the clarity of your writing, the logic of your reasoning, the appropriateness of problem formulation and provided information needed to solve it as well as the reasonableness of your suggested solution.
Exhibits should contain specific types of analyses that supports and are relevant for the body of the case. Your purpose should be to provide the reader with a factual foundation and represent the situation as faithfully as possible. You should share your draft case with the key designated person and get them sign a release form permitting you to submit the final case. You are permitted to change the company name if confidentiality is an issue but I should know what company you are writing the company about.
You will be graded based on:
How interesting and original is the problem?(3 points)
How clear is the focus of the case? (clearly state the case learning objectives) (3 points)
How appropriate is the information/facts presentation in addressing the case (4)
How much is the case helpful in achieving the stated learning objectives (3 points)
How clear and professional is the case write-up? (3 points)
How convincing is the solution? (3 points)
How reliable are the references? (1 points)
N.B: You have the option to work on the case on your own or in pairs.

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