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Need help for MKT 550 Drivers of International Marketing

Need help for MKT 550 Drivers of International Marketing

Global Marketing Assignment help– Marketing Assignment Help

Assessment Description
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Drivers of International Marketing
Value: 5%
Due date: 14-Aug-2015
Return date: 04-Sep-2015
Length: 500 words
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
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The first assessment is designed to help ensure you have two key skills you will need throughout this subject: (1) applying theory to real world situations and (2) referencing. If you can do both these things well, many of the issues associated with preparing and producing work for this subject will be reduced. We have provided three resources for you to use to help you with Assessment One. Even if you feel very confident about your researching and referencing skills, please go to each resource before you begin the assessment as you will need to use them to complete the task.
Access the following in your Resources folder on Interact:
Online research using Google Scholar
Finding sources using Primo Search
Referencing using APA style
How to apply theory to practice
Then, select an Australian-based organisation with which you are familiar. This may be where you work, where a friend or family member works, or a well-known organisation in which you would like to work.
Using the drivers of international marketing from Topic 01 (Ch1, p.8-9), explain for the management of this organisation why they need to expand their involvement with international marketing. Use theory and real world examples to illustrate your points.
Market needs
Cost – scale
Students should NOT contact the organisation at any time while undertaking this assessment.

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