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Make My Assignment for MKT 550 Contemporary Issues Report

Make My Assignment for MKT 550 Contemporary Issues Report

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Assessment Description
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Contemporary Issues Report
Value: 20%
Due date: Variable
Return date: –
Length: 2,000 to 2,500 words
Submission method options
Alternative submission method
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Students will select a topic from those listed below and compile a report on the topic. Papers will cover a comprehensive review of the topic literature as it relates to current international marketing issues facing businesses operating between countries.
The audience for this report should be an Australian organisation. You will discuss the theory surrounding the issue and provide relevant, practical recommendations on how your organisation should manage its exposure to the issue.
Students are expected to have read widely in the area, exploring theory and current best practice. Wikipedia is not a reliable source and use of material from this source will result in an automatic zero grade.  The emphasis in assessment will be on critical analysis and interpretation rather than description. No marks will be awarded for a paper that merely summarises or recapitulates the main argument or issue put forward in the supplied article. This will enable students to demonstrate all of the objectives of the course.
Reports should be submitted via Turnitin (see link on Interact site) by 5:00pm on the due date.
The concept of time varies across cultures and is an aspect of international marketing and negotiations that is often not appreciated. This, in turn, leads to significant frustration. Discuss the different ways that time is typically perceived and highlight some of the issues that may arise when business people operate using different assumptions.
Due 17 August
Digital marketing tools (especially the internet) allow even small businesses to expand internationally. Explain the key factors in an international market that would help or hinder an Australian firm’s potential success when marketing via virtual channels.
Due 20 August
‘Born globals’ are firms who either from inception or shortly thereafter begin trading in international markets. What are the drivers leading to the creation of such a business model? Outline advantages and disadvantages of pursuing born global status for a small firm with which you are familiar.
Due 24 Sept
Discuss the factors that encourage internationalisation of service organisations. For a service organisation with which you are familiar, explain which of these drivers are currently most relevant, and how this might change over time.
Due 28 Sept
This assessment has been designed in order to:
allow you to develop your information searching and critical thinking skills;
enable you to practice applying theory to real world situations; and
provide you with further experience in academic writing

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