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Make My GB 530 Marketing Management Plan

Make My MKT 530 Marketing Management Plan

Marketing Assignment Help

Assessment Description
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Assessment Information
Subject Code:
Subject Name:
Marketing Management
Assessment Title:
Assessment 2 – Marketing Plan
3500 words (+/- 10%). Word count excludes list of references.
Total Marks:
Due Date:
Week 10 – 2 Oct 2016
Submitted through Turnitin before 11.55 pm (AEST)

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Group project report: ‘Marketing plan’

This is a group assessment. Marks are awarded for overall group performance and are distributed to contributing group members equally; so, contribution by all group members together with group cohesion is important for good performance.

Submission method: on-line submission to Turnitin via the link on the subject’s Portal page

Description: Students are to form groups of up to three (3) members (no more) and you are recommended to form these in Week 2. For this assessment, you need to assume that your group is the marketing management team for an authentic Australian Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Please ensure that the business you select has a website.

Your task is to develop a new brand, product or service for the organisation. In doing this, students are to identify and apply relevant business theories and concepts from GB530.

The organisation you select may be an organisation that you or one of your group members have interacted with. Whichever organisation is chosen, the key criteria are that it is real and operates in Australia. If you are unsure of the organisation to select, please consult your lecturer.

The outcome of your group’s work on this major assessment will be the construction of a ‘new brand / product or service marketing plan’. The plan should be presented in a REPORT format. The following guide will be of significant help in this assessment.

You are also recommended to review Business Victoria website and use their Marketing Plan Templates or you can follow the Marketing Plan Template in Appendix 1 of Kotler et al. (2013, p. 627). The following is the link to the website of Business Victoria:

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