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Make My GB 580 Case Study

Make My MKT 580 Case Study

Strategic Management Assignment help

Assessment Description
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Assessment 2 Information
Subject Code:
Subject Name:
Strategic Management
Assessment Title:
Case Study
Total Marks:
Due Date:
Week 8
Sunday at 11.55pm
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Individual Assignment – Case Study

(40 marks | Word limit: 2,500 words)

You are a strategic analyst for a large consulting firm and specialise in the analysis of Australian companies. You have been asked by your manager to write a report analysing an Australian company’s underlying strategy that has resulted in it moving some of its activities offshore with the loss of a number of local jobs.

Note: You are able to choose any Australian company.

In your analysis you are required to:

Evaluate the external issues that are affecting the company and have driven it to employ a strategy that has resulted in moving jobs offshore.

•    Analyse the internal issues that are making the company consider moving jobs offshore as part of its strategy.

Identify the stakeholders in this company and discuss how the shift of offshore activities will affect these stakeholders.

Explain why a number of jobs will continue to be based in Australia and the associated implications

You are expected to use a minimum of 15 references. As a guide these must be authoritative and comprise:

At least 10 academic articles/papers

Up to 2 text books (including the prescribed text).

Up to 3 other authoritative sources of your choice.

Please note.

Wikipedia, Slideshare, Businessballs, BizEd, Mindtools and other non-academic sources are

not considered to be authoritative and will bring low marks if used. General website information should also be avoided. Use journal articles instead. If in doubt, please consult your lecturer.
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